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July 2017 Announcements

Date: Saturday, July 1
Time: 1:00PM
Monthly Birthday
Join us at the Council on Aging for YOUR birthday! Each month, Vicky honors every senior who has a birthday that month. Join us for cake on Saturday, July 1st if your special day is in July!


Date: Saturday, July 1
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - La La Land (2016) PG-13
While pursuing showbiz fame, jazz pianist Sebastian falls for aspiring actress Mia, and the two embark on an intense love affair. But as their separate paths of ambition force them to make tough choices, their relationship starts to fray.


Date: Monday, July 3
Time: 10:00AM
Science & Tech
Our Night Sky – For thousands of years, the star-filled sky has been a source of wonder, discovery, and entertainment.  All that is needed to feel at home in its limitless expanse is Our Night Sky, a richly illustrated course that gives viewers an unrivaled tour around the sky, All while teaching them about the science, technology, and pure pleasure of stargazing.  Please visit the COA for a detailed description of the following:
July 3 Episode   1: The Constellations and Their Stars: and Episode 2: Seeing and Navigating the Sky
July 17 Episode 3: Using Binoculars and Backyard Telescopes: and Episode 4: Observing the Moon and the Sun.


Date: Monday, July 3
Time: 6:30PM
Movie – Independence Day (1996) PG-13
When aliens in an enormous spacecraft suddenly arrive in Earth's atmosphere and start blowing things up, it falls to a cocky pilot (Will Smith) and a goofy scientist (Jeff Goldblum) to save the planet from total destruction. With plenty of action, special effects sequences and pithy one-liners, Independence Day is one of the 1990s' best popcorn flicks. Bill Pullman co-stars as the gung-ho president who urges his citizens to fight back.


Date: Saturday, July 8
Time: 12:30PM
Summer Luau
Join Vicky and friends for a summer luau for only $8! Enjoy an Asian buffet, fun, laughter and loads of friends for all! Please sign up at the Council on Aging by Wednesday, July 5th.


Date: Saturday, July 8
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - In Dubious Battle (2017) R
Helmed by actor James Franco, this cinematic adaptation of John Steinbeck's Depression-era novel follows a pair of young activists who pose as California apple pickers to organize the workers and incite a strike over pay cuts.


Date: Monday, July 10
Time: 6:30PM
COA Cinema
Come and watch a “mystery movie”.  You won’t be disappointed!


Date: Wednesday, July 12
Time: 6:30PM
Fun & Games
Come and enjoy the A/C at the COA and have fun playing Mexican Train! Mexican Train is a Dominoes train type game that has recently become extremely popular. Because of its simplicity and interaction, it can be played by nearly anyone, anywhere. Depending on the type of game you play, it can last from a single, 20-minute game to a 12 round game lasting hours!


Date: Friday, July 14 & July 28
Time: 9:00AM – 11:00AM
The Registry of Motor Vehicles is partnering with area Councils on Aging to provide five of the most common transactions at COA sites to hopefully decrease wait times at registry branches. The Bedford Council on Aging is now one of those sites! Transactions are: license renewals (for licensed drivers younger than age 75), registration renewals, change of address, duplicate license or registration, and how to report a lost or stolen disability placard and how to request a replacement. If you need assistance with one of the above, please call the COA to schedule an appointment. You must have a valid credit card to process any transaction; no cash will be accepted. Please be advised that the staff/volunteers of the Bedford COA are not required to provide assistance, there may be instances where COA staff/volunteers may decline to process your transaction with the Registry.


Date: Saturday, July 15
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Patriots Day (2016) R
A tragic bombing near the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon sets off a citywide manhunt for the perpetrators. With residents devastated by the events, Sgt. Tommy Saunders and the Boston Police Department zero in on two suspects.


Date: Monday, July 17
Time: 10:00AM
Honoring Choices
Please join COA Director Alison Cservenschi for this important health care planning discussion. Getting the best possible care that honors your choices is a lifelong journey. You can make a personal health care plan and direct your care at every phase of health: when Promoting Everyday Wellness, Managing Health and Chronic Illness, and Living with Serious Advancing Illness. In this seminar you will be given the tools to choose a health care proxy, and draft a Personal Directive, Durable Power of Attorney, MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form and a CC/DNR (Comfort Care/Do Not Resuscitate) form. You will also learn conversation starters for care providers and loved ones. Make your lifelong healthcare plan all about you! Please call ahead to sign up for this program.


Date: Monday, July 17
Time: 1:00PM
Talk to Your State Representative
Ken Gordon will be in the Flint Room at 1:00 PM on Monday, July 17th.


Date: Tuesday, July 18
Time: 9:30AM
Breakfast and BINGO
Brightview is back at the COA! Come play for a chance to win some GREAT prizes! Breakfast and prizes will be provided by Brightview Concord River. Please sign up by calling (781) 275-6825.


Date: Wednesday, July 19
Time: 10:30AM
Campfire Songs
Mid-summer blues? Need a pick-me-up from all those hot summer days? Come to the mid -summer sing-a-longs on Wednesday, July 19 for an old fashioned Camp Sing-a-long! We will even supply the S’mores! See you at 10:30 AM!


Date: Wednesday, July 19
Time: 1:00PM & 6:00PM
Legacy Protection
Everyone has assets of value they want to leave to loved ones. Whether it be monetary or sentimental, the importance of your loved ones receiving what you intend can give great peace of mind. Having the right plan and knowing your options to achieve this is paramount. In this seminar, attorney Michael Healey will address how to utilize Estate Planning and Asset Protection documents to assure that no government entity, state, hospital or nursing home can take the assets you worked so hard your entire life to attain and save. Attorney Healey will also address how to set up an Estate Plan that minimizes or nullifies Estate Tax. The seminar will also cover how to make sure there are proper provisions in an estate plan that cover care for yourself in the event of incapacity and how to set parameters on loved ones who may not preserve monetary gifts. Various other topics will be discussed as well. You are encouraged to bring any questions you have.


Date: Saturday, July 22
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Hidden Figures (2016) PG
In the race to space between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, three black female mathematicians play a key role in launching astronaut John Glenn into outer space, making him the first American to orbit Earth.


Date: Monday, July 24
Time: 6:30PM
Summer Salad Night at the COA 
Taste the delicious, light, nutritious, healthy salad we will provide.  Sign up is required for this event.


Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time 6:30PM
Fun & Games
Join us for BINGO night! Small prizes will be given to the winners. Refreshments will be served. Sign up is encouraged.


Date: Saturday, July 29
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Miss Sloane (2016) R
In this gripping thriller that exposes the dog-eat-dog world of Capitol Hill lobbyists, political strategist Elizabeth Sloane is determined to push through legislation enacting tougher gun control, regardless of the personal or professional cost.


Date: Monday, July 31
Time: 6:30PM
Ice Cream Soda Night at the COA
We are in the dog days of summer.  Cool off with a delicious ice cream soda and enjoy new friends! Sign up is required.


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