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Bedford Council on Aging
January 2017 Announcements


Date: Mondays in January
Time: 10:00AM
Cycling for seniors

Rides are 15-20 miles long, depending on the preference of the riders. You should be able to maintain an average pace (including hills) of at least 10mph, and have a multi-speed bike in good condition. We may spend some time on busy roads, so you should be comfortable riding with traffic. After the ride have coffee and snacks at the COA. If you would like to receive notifications about the rides e-mail Jack Donohue on jmdonohue@alum.mit.edu.


Date: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, In January
Time: 6:30PM Mondays and Wednesdays
          10:00AM Fridays
Sit’n Stitch

This group is for everyone, novice to expert, who is looking to get together and share the wonderful world of needle art. Even stop in to learn! Discuss current projects, swap yarn and patterns and of course do some knitting over a cup of coffee. All are welcome - crochet and beads too! This is a casual, social group! All you need to do is show up! The group will be meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 PM and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at the Bedford Council on Aging. So dig out that project you’ve been meaning to finish and join us!


Date: Mondays in January
Time: 7:00 PM
Beginner’s Folk & Line Dance!

Have you ever wanted to try line dancing but didn’t think you could do it? Join Jim at the Council on Aging CafĂ© on Mondays exactly at 7:00 PM with your ‘two left feet’ for folk & line dance lessons. We’ll teach you from the first step! Soft-soled shoes preferable. Jim Banks is offering these classes free of charge! Please join us!


Date: Tuesdays and Fridays in January
Time: 9:00 AM

(Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) Counselors from Minuteman Senior Services will be available: Tuesdays and Fridays: 9am-12pm; Please call to make an appointment! If you cannot leave your home, they will call you.


Date: Tuesdays in January
Time: 1:00 PM
Beginner Scottish Dancing

Scottish dance, a form of folk and formal dancing is taught in Scotland and around the world. Think River dance with ballet moves. Performed in couples it is a great way to meet others! This class is a modified form, less strenuous but provides great physical and mental exercise. Wear comfortable clothing (kilt optional) and flat, soft-soled shoes. Come and have fun for this free class! Call us to add yourself to the growing list.


Date: Tuesdays & Fridays in January
Time: 6:00 PM

Please go to this website for latest updates on this growing and popular sport in Bedford. Games are played weekly indoor and outdoor and instruction with equipment is always available. Try something new, this might be for you! http://www.usapa.org/places-to-play-pickleball/ Click on MA for state and the list is alphabetical by town.


Date: Wednesdays in January
Time: 10:30AM
ong Fest

Thanks to Joyce DeMoss & Ken Pruyn, the COA has an updated songbook!! Come to Songfest 10:30am on Wednesdays, peruse the new book, and sing the old songs as well as some of the newer ones!! For FUN & REMINISCING purposes only!!


Date: Wednesdays in January
Time: 6:30PM to 9:00 PM
Wood Carving with Award Winning Jane Layton:

Calling artists and bird lovers. Learn to carve texture and paint a black-capped chickadee in 12 sessions. Tools and paints provided for use in class. $15 per class. Call the COA to register!


Date: Wednesdays in January
Time: 6:30PM
Job and Career Networking

We all know that Networking Works! Join the COA and MCOA for our first Job Seekers Networking Group.  This group assists people, 50+ looking for new jobs or careers.  If you are looking, unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a new career path this program is where to start.  Participants will have a regular schedule in a supportive and comfortable environment.  Call us to register.


Date: Thursdays in January
Time:  9:00 AM
Muscle Care Clinic

With Wayne Durante, LMT $10 for 10 minutes Thursdays beginning at 9:00 AM Please call the COA for an appointment 781-275-6825


Date: Thursdays & Saturdays in January
Dog B.O.N.E.S. Visits

Dog B.O.N.E.S. is an acronym for Dogs Building Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support. Stop in and visit with Mara & her dog Max who will be here Thursdays from 11-noon. Ann & her dog Kobi drop by every Saturday 11:30-12:30! Also, keep your eyes open for impromptu visits all week by other volunteers!


Date: Thursdays in January
Time: 2:00 PM

Do you like playing RISK or Chess? The COA now has a chess group! They meet on Thursdays at 2:00 PM! If you are interested in playing, or learning, please join us! Risk is also available at any time!


Date: Friday, January 13th & Monday, January 23rd
Time: 1:00PM
Nurse’s Hours

Community Health Nurse, Joyce Cheng will be at the COA at 1:00 PM to take your blood pressure and to provide individual consultation for any health questions you may have. She will meet with people on a “first come, first served” basis.


Date: Friday, January 6
Time: 1:00PM
Coffee with Emerson

Please join Elizaveta Ragulin Coyne, MD of Walden Surgical Associates for our lecture series Coffee with Emerson for a discussion on inguinal hernias. Hernias, a weakening in the abdominal wall or inguinal (groin) region, are very common. Please attend to learn about who is at risk of getting a hernia, how to prevent it, and what the current treatment options are, including open and minimally invasive surgical approaches.


Date: Saturday, January 7
Time: 1:00PM
Happy Birthday to You!

Join us at the Council on Aging for YOUR birthday! Each month, Vicky honors every senior who has a birthday that month. Join us for cake on January 7th if your special day is in January!


Date: Saturday, January 7
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Emma’s Chance (2016) PG

While volunteering at a horse rescue, Emma forms an unlikely bond with an abused horse that won't let anyone else ride her. Gaining new skills and confidence, Emma hatches a plan to redeem herself and ultimately save the ranch she's grown to love.


Date: Monday, January 9
Time: 12:45PM
Dental Health for Adults

How to Maintain Your Gums, Bone, & Teeth at Every Age Dr. Sharon Jin, adult dentist and prosthodontist from Chestnut Dental will be speaking on Monday January 9 at 12:45 PM at the Bedford Council on Aging. Dental health is a major component of overall health and wellbeing! Do you ever wonder if you are doing all that you can to protect and maintain your teeth long term? Dr. Sharon Jin from Chestnut Dental Associates will present relevant dental topics for older adults. Learn how your mouth and teeth change with time, and how new technologies in dentistry can help you get the most mileage out of your teeth. Hope you can attend this informative presentation! Chestnut Dental is a new dental practice located at 41 North Road, Bedford MA 01730.


Date: Monday, January 9
Time: 12:45 PM
Science & Technology Group

Join us as we explore a three part PBS series, “9 Months That Made You”.

Discover the thrilling story of how you were made, from the moment of conception to the moment of birth 280 days later.  Follow the gestation process, the most exquisite biological choreography found in nature.

Monday January 9: The First 8 Weeks.
Episode one tells the story of the first 8 weeks when a single cell, no bigger than a speck of dust, transforms into the most sophisticated organism on the planet – a human fetus.  The clock starts with the moment of conception, but days after our story can take the most unexpected turn.
Monday, January 23: One of a Kind.
Episode two continues to follow the incredible journey focusing on the middle months of our time in the womb when we become unique individuals.  For the first ten weeks of pregnancy our biological sex is hidden.  Meet the remarkable village of people in the Dominican Republic where the sex determination process in the womb doesn’t always run to plan.


Date: Wednesday, January 11
Time: 12:45PM
Prevention of Falls

Every year, 1 in 3 Americans aged over 65 of age report falls. Furthermore, fear of falling can compromise your life style and prevent you from the activities you would enjoy. Falling is not inevitable. Through life style changes, fall-prevention measures, and ‘fall-proofing’ your home, the incidents of falling can be reduced.
Joyce Cheng, Community Health Nurse of the Bedford Board of Health will discuss strategies on falls prevention and ways to improve safety.


Date: Thursday, January 12
Time: 10:00AM

6 weeks ~$ 30In this class, we will explore the beauty of color through colored pencils. With a brief review of Color Theory (Primaries — R, Y, B; Secondaries —O, G, P: etc.; combining what colors creates what new color…) we will than discuss Composition (how to make a pleasing drawing) and a bit of shading (creates an illusion of depth). After creating pencil line drawings (your choice of subject matter), then the magic begins as we start to experiment with colored pencils. What happens to the color when we press down hard with a pencil? What happens when we “color in” lightly with a pencil? Blending colors, contrasting colors - we will do it all!
Supplies: #2 Pencils, erasers, sturdy paper, colored pencils. This session is, in part, funded by the Jacob Wren Throckmorton Memorial Art Show.


Date: Saturday, January 14
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - All the Way (2016) TV-14 

Lyndon B. Johnson's political life was forever changed on the day he succeeded the slain John F. Kennedy as president. As this incisive drama reveals, Johnson would spend much of his first year focused on passing the historic Civil Rights Act.


Date: Monday, January 17
Time: 9:30AM
Breakfast and Bingo

Brightview is back at the COA! Come play for a chance to win some GREAT prizes! Breakfast and prizes will be provided by Brightview Concord River. Please sign up by calling (781) 275-6825.


Date: Wednesday, January 18
Time: 10:00AM
Veterans’ Coffee

Join Tom Moran, Veteran Liaison with Compassionate Care Hospice, to have coffee and to converse about years in the service. Tom was in the Army branch and was in The National Guard for 13 ½ years. All are welcome. Please call to RSVP 781-275-6825.


Date: Wednesday, January 18
Time: 12:45PM
What’s Going On Around Town?

If you have questions or want to know what is going on around town with buildings, construction or new stores coming to town, Chris Laskey will be back at the Council on Aging on Wednesday, January 18 at 12:45 PM to give you the inside scoop! Current projects include the Springs Road Planned Residential Development (PRD) in north Bedford, off Fox Run and Buehler Roads, and a mixed use proposal by the Crosby Corporate Center on Crosby Drive involving expanded parking and a new hotel building.


Date: Thursday, January 19
Time: 10:00AM
Free Hearing Clinic

Apex Hearing Care, LLC Custom Fit and Service Hearing Aids Owner, Joseph J. Sarofeen, is offering free hearing screenings and checks on existing hearing aids and instruments. Appointments are available on Thursday, January 19 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Please sign up at the COA or by calling (781) 275-6825.


Date: Thursday, January 19
Time:  1:00PM
Taking Control of Your Future

Attorney Dale Tamburro will return to the Bedford COA on Thursday January 19 at 1:00 PM to present ’Do You Need a Revocable or Irrevocable Trust?’ Topics include: the most important estate planning documents that everyone needs; What is a Trust and why do people use them; The Components of a Trust: paper, Creator, Trustee and Beneficiary; What is probate and why people want to avoid it; how do I protect my house and other assets from a long term care problem, and much more! Please sign-up for this lecture so we know you are coming! He will also offer (free of charge) three individual 45-min. appointments beginning at 9:30 AM. Please call the Bedford Council on Aging at 781-275-6825 to schedule your appointment or for more information!


Date: Saturday, January 21
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Ithaca (2016) PG

It's the summer of 1942, and with his older brother off at war and his dad dead, 14-year-old Homer Macauley is the man of the house. To support his mom, sister and toddler brother, Homer turns his bike into cash by becoming a telegraph messenger.


Date: Monday, January 23
Time: 10:00AM
Talk with State Representative Ken Gordon

Meet to discuss items at the state level.


Date: Monday, January 23
Time: 6:30PM
Tired of Taking One More Pill?

...Try Acupuncture! A safe, effective, non-pharmaceutical treatment modality Join Dr. Suraja Roychowdhury, licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist, on Monday, January 23 at 6.30 PM for a fun, informative and interactive talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. We will learn about its use for managing pain and other disorders. Light refreshments will be served. Sign up is requested.


Date: Wednesday, January 25
Time: 12:45PM
Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body

Robin Bromberg, Regional Manager, Greater Boston for the Alzheimer’s Association, will be at the Bedford council on Aging on Wednesday, January 25 at 12:45 PM to teach you tip from the latest research on healthy living for your brain and body and what lifestyle choices impact the aging process. Join us to learn about important information and research in the areas of diet and nutrition, exercise, cognitive activity and social engagement. We will also use hands on tools to develop a plan for healthy aging.


Date: Saturday, January 28
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - The Jungle Book (2016) PG

Inspired by the animated Disney classic, this live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's beloved novel follows young Mowgli as he navigates a jungle full of wonder and peril with his animal allies Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear.