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June 2017 Announcements


Date: Saturday, June 3
Time: 1:00PM
Monthly Birthday

Join us at the Council on Aging for YOUR birthday! Each month, Vicky honors every senior who has a birthday that month. Join us for cake on Saturday, June 3rd if your special day is in June!


Date: Saturday, June 3
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Jackie (2016) R

Still reeling from her husband's shocking assassination in Dallas, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy battles through exhaustion, overwhelming heartache and anger to preserve his legacy -- and to define her own.


Date: Monday, June 5
Time: 10:00AM
Science & Technology

“Making North America” reveals the incredible story of a majestic continent.
Monday, June 5: Episode 2, Life: How did life emerge on our primeval continent? Why was North America home to so many iconic dinosaur like T. rex?  And how did a huge sea filled with giant marine reptiles end up covering Kansas?  We tell the surprising intertwined story of life and the landscape in North America.
Monday, June 19: Episode 3, Human:  Explore the intimate connections between the landscape, the colonizing of the continent, and the emergence of our industrial world.  Beginning with Native American ancestors who crafted hunting weapons from stone traded across hundreds of miles, the program shows how pre-Columbian civilizations developed an expert knowledge of the landscape and its resources.  With the arrival of Europeans, North America’s hidden riches became key to prosperity, from the fold rush to today’s oil and gas boom.  As a result, human activity has transformed the continent on a scale that rivals the geological forces that gave birth to it billions of years before.  Yet, scientists warn of sleeping giants like the Cascadia fault, and the earthquake/ Tsunami one-two punch it could unleash on the Pacific Northwest.  Even as we re-mold the continent to suit our needs, geologic processes inexorably continue, and they raise potential risks of catastrophe to our human civilization


Date: Tuesday, June 6
Time: 10:00AM
Bridge Meet & Greet

Please join fellow bridge players for a cup of coffee or tea here in our common room. This will be a great way to find substitutes for current games of bridge (and duplicate bridge) or to meet other players to create a new game! All levels of players are welcome.


Date: Tuesday, June 6
Time: 1:00PM
Library Book Discussion

Please join a staff member from the Bedford Free Public Library on Tuesday, June 6 at 1:00 PM to discuss “My Name is Lucy Barton.” #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * A new book by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout is cause for celebration. Her bestselling novels, including Olive Kitteridge and The Burgess Boys, have illuminated our most tender relationships. Now, in My Name Is Lucy Barton, this extraordinary writer shows how a simple hospital visit becomes a portal to the most tender relationship of all--the one between mother and daughter. Lucy Barton is recovering slowly from what should have been a simple operation. Her mother, to whom she hasn't spoken for many years, comes to see her. Gentle gossip about people from Lucy's childhood in Amgash, Illinois, seems to reconnect them, but just below the surface lay the tension and longing that have informed every aspect of Lucy's life: her escape from her troubled family, her desire to become a writer, her marriage, her love for her two daughters. Knitting this powerful narrative together is the brilliant storytelling voice of Lucy herself: keenly observant, deeply human, and truly unforgettable.


Date: Wednesday, June 7
Time: 12:45PM
Ice Cream and a Scream!

Please join for an ice cream social and some belly laughing at some original entertainment provided by a very creative group of residents of Stonebridge at Burlington. Help yourself to a Make-Your-Own Sundae Bar provided by Stonebridge. Please sign up by Monday, June 5 for this enchanting event!


Date: Thursday, June 8
Time: 9:00AM
Fire Safety Breakfast

He’s back! Join Fire and Life Safety Educator Nick Anderson on Thursday, June 8 at 9:00 AM for a special breakfast and information on fire safety in the home! Please call (781)275-6825 to sign up.


Date: Saturday, June 9
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Manchester by the Sea (2016) R

While working as a handyman in Boston, taciturn loner Lee Chandler gets word that his brother Joe has died of a coronary. After returning to the siblings' hometown, Lee receives another shock: He's been named legal guardian of Joe's 16-year-old son.


Date: Saturday, June 12
Time: 1:00PM
Computer Safety

Computers are an essential part of our lives, but computer hacking and crime has become a huge problem. Seniors are especially vulnerable to computer-based hacking and scams. This lecture will provide basic tips for securing your computing environment (and you) against hackers and thieves. The lecturer, Bob Supnik, recently retired after working 50 years in all aspects of computers, from chip design to IT operations.


Date: Wednesday, June 14
Time: 10:30AM                       
Irving Berlin Tribute

Back by Popular Demand! Come join Song Fest on Wednesday, June 14 at 10:30 AM and sing along, hum, listen, clap, dance or whatever you choose! Refreshments will be served. Irving Berlin has no place in American music…he is American music – Jerome Kern


Date: Wednesday, June 14
Time: 12:45PM
Get the Sun Benefits Without the Sunburn

While too much sunlight can be harmful to your skin and cause skin cancer, sun exposure also has many benefits. How can we find the right balance? Sensible exposure to sunlight is a key component to healthy lifestyle. According to Dr. David G. Hoel, Ph.D., professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, research indicates that proper sun exposure may actually decrease a person’s risk of getting melanoma. So, what is sensible sun exposure so that we can retain the benefits without the harm? Joyce Cheng RN, the Community Health Nurse will discuss safe exposure to the sun, how to avoid sun damage, the health benefits of sensible sun exposure and the signs and symptoms of sunburn, skin cancer and melanoma.


Date: Thursday, June 15
Time: 11:30AM
Estate Planning Lunch & Learn

Please Join Attorney Dale J Tamburro on Thursday, June 15 at 11:30 AM for a lunch and discussion on Estate Planning. Topics will include: what you should do at home to your legal documents,  the reasons for them and integrating them with your financial plan,  steps to take in advance of death or disability,  basic documents we all need,  why a living trust makes sense for most people and its only drawback,  why an irrevocable trust is only right for two needs,  Massachusetts Estate Tax basics/credit shelter trusts, why a reverse mortgage is only right for some people,  how your financial planner/wealth manager can help me and you,  any other topic you would like to discuss. Please call ahead to sign up for this event. Limit 40. COA lunch ticket will be required.


Date: Saturday, June17
Time: 1:15PM
Movie - Sing (2016) PG

Animals of all stripes -- including an underappreciated mother minding 25 piglets, a young gorilla trapped in gang life and a shy elephant -- find hope in a life-changing singing competition to save the local theater.


Date: Monday, June 19
Time: 12:45PM
This Land is Your Land with Roger Tincknell Celebrating our country in song!

This Land is Your Land is an interactive music program celebrating our country in song. From New England to New Orleans, Puerto Rico to Hawaii. The program includes patriotic and familiar sing-alongs performed on a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and percussion instruments. Sponsored in part by a grant from the Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.


Date: Tuesday, June 20
Time: 9:30AM
Breakfast and BINGO

Brightview is back at the COA! Come play for a chance to win some GREAT prizes! Breakfast and prizes will be provided by Brightview Concord River. Please sign up by calling (781) 275-6825.


Date: Wednesday, June 21
Time: 12:45PM
Money Management

Wealth Strategist Jim Wood from Insight Financial Strategists LLC will present money management considerations for your pre-retirement “accumulation period” and your post retirement “distribution period.” Are you concerned about your resources lasting your lifetime? Do you have an appropriate balance between equities (stocks) and fixed income (bonds)? Worried about how long the current bull market will last? What could happen to your investments and the stock market if proposed and pending legislation gets passed in Congress (or doesn’t get passed)? How long will inflation be under control? Does your large company money manager keep changing? Join Jim for a discussion of these questions and more current topics that could impact your retirement.  Please sign up!


Date: Wednesday, June 21
Time: 7:00PM
Stephen Collins Unlaunched Voices

Join Stephen Collins as he performs Butterfly at the Council on Aging. Butterfly is a one man show about James Whistler (1834-1903). He was a volatile American artist who battles mostly in Victorian England for personal expression in the arts. The play presents Whistler in 2 phases of his life; as a bankrupt artist in his 40’s on commission in Venice and as an established yet lonely legend in his 60’s. Call the COA to sing up (781)  275-6825.


Date: Saturday, June 24
Time: 1:15PM
Movie – Collateral Beauty (2016) PG-13

With his life shattered by personal tragedy, advertising executive Howard Inlet is unable to break out of his deep depression. To help him, Howard's colleagues concoct an elaborate and unorthodox plan.


Date: Monday June 26
Time: 1:00 PM
Downsize Your Home & Upsize Your Life!

A discussion on the decisions involved in downsizing your home. TOPICS  We Will Cover: How to downsize in your home - and avoid moving if you choose. Will you have a “ladder” story? (hint: we hope not). Is your home an asset or a liability? Surprising answer. The Questions to Ask and How to choose the right place to downsize to – retirement community, condo, 55+, and more. How to afford a retirement community - strategies for the life you want.  Secrets Retirement Communities Don’t Want You to Know.  Should you get long term care insurance or pick a retirement community that covers this in the monthly bill? What assets are protected when you move to a community?  AND most importantly, How to prepare if you live a LONG and HEALTHY life. Join us for an informal workshop where your questions will be answered and together we can take some of the mystery out of this process. We look forward to having you join us! Please sign up at the COA for this discussion. Refreshments provided.

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