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FY 2017 Water and Sewer rates


Water & Sewer rates


North Road Intersection Study


North Road Report Presentation

As part of the North Road at Chelmsford Road and North Road at Pine Hill Road intersection study, Green International has prepared the attached report based on field survey, traffic volumes, crash data, the public input meeting and discussions with Town staff.  They have developed three conceptual designs per location, which address pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.  The report identifies conceptual layouts for both sites to remain under stop sign control or to signalize the intersections.  Please click here to see the report.  The team from Green International will be presenting their findings to the Bedford Selectmen on Tuesday, January 17th at 8:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room at Town Hall.

North Road Conceptual Analysis Report

Please contact the DPW at (781) 275-7605 if you have any questions or need additional information.  As the study moves forward, please check the Town’s website for updates and future meetings.

North Road Local Concerns Meeting


Bedford Water Use and Conservation


Water Use


What’s Happening in Flint Michigan and How is MWRA’s Water Quality Different


Water System and MWRA


Safe Routes to School Program
2/18/2016 Updated

John Glenn Middle School
Great Road, Mudge Way, Railroad Avenue

            Recently the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, MassDOT, notified the Town of Bedford that we have been approved for funding under their Safe Routes to School Program for improvements to pedestrian and bicycle access to the John Glenn Middle School from Great Road via the Bedford High School lot.  The project includes a new traffic control signal at Mudge Way and designated bike lanes along Mudge Way from Great Road to the Jenks Trail. The Jenks Trail will be widened about two feet to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians.  At the southerly end of the Jenks Trail, pedestrians and bicyclists will cross the driveway with a new marked crosswalk and continue to the Middle School over an improved pathway.  There will also be a formal crossing between the Tot Lot and the sidewalk to the Bedford Library.     

This project has been programmed for bidding later in 2016.  The engineering firm of TEC has been expediting the design to ensure that the project stays on schedule.  The spring Town Meeting will include an article to designate Mudge Way as a public way and to set permanent easements over the proposed improvements.  MassDOT conducted a public meeting on February 11th at the John Glenn Middle School to present the plans and answer questions from residents and stake holders.  Please click here to see the concept plans and presentation slides. 


Fawn Lake Phase 2 Study
July 27, 2016


Phase II of the Fawn Lake Preservation project was approved by Town Meeting for funding through the Town’s Community Preservation Act.  The requested $100,000 will be used for the design, specifications and environmental permitting to wet dredge the aquatic vegetation and underlying sediments.  The Fawn Lake Committee concluded that hydraulic wet dredging is the most suitable technique for a long term, viable solution that will also restore the recreational activities of fishing, canoeing and ice skating.  Removing the sediments and increasing the water depth will also inhibit future plant growth. The project also includes a strategy to replace the Fawn Lake Dam which has been rated in poor condition.       

The Bedford Conservation Commission, Department of Public Works and Fawn Lake Committee will continue to work with its consultant, Comprehensive Environmental, Inc., as they prepare the various environmental permits and filings for the project.  Several local, state and federal permits are required as outlined on the attached slides.  We anticipate the permitting phase to be complete by the fall of 2017.  Future funding for the dredging and dam replacement will be requested for FY19;  the anticipated amount is $1.2 M, which is also CPA eligible.

Other Fawn Lake Reports
7/28/2016 UPDATED
Fawn Lake Committee Report
Town Meeting Presentation March 2016


Pedestrian / Bicycle Master Plan


Presentation to Selectmen - September 8th

2015 Bedford Bicycle Pedestiran Plan 1/4/2016


Middlesex Turnpike Phase 3

 Phase 3 of the Middlesex Turnpike Roadway Improvement Project is scheduled to begin in 2017.  It is the last of a multi-phase, multi-year program to improve traffic through the Tri-Town corridor linking Burlington, Bedford and Billerica.  The limits of this project are from Crosby Drive/Plank Street in Bedford to Manning Road in Billerica.  Similar to the other phases of the project, Middlesex Turnpike will be widened to two lanes in each direction with protected left turn lanes at all driveways.  In addition, new traffic control signals will be installed at Oak Park Drive in Bedford and 900 Middlesex Turnpike and Manning Road in Billerica.  There will be bike lanes and sidewalks along both sides of the roadway.  Utility poles will be relocated to accommodate the widened cross section and new LED’s street lights will be installed.  Significant work will take place to widen the roadway at the Shawsheen River.  The project is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and is expected to take 3 years to complete.



General Information


2016 Enviormental Scholarship Award

Bedford High School seniors Trenton Sanders (center) and Avery Kaplan were named recipients of the 2016 Environmental Scholarship. Bedford Recycling Coordinator Ed McGrath (left), Republic Services General Manager Chris Peters and Michael Griffin, Program Administrator for Science at Bedford High, (right) presented the award at BHS in May. Each student will receive a $1,400 scholarship.



April 2016 Pavement Managment Study



Bedford's Source Water Assessment Report


SWAP Report


Drinking Water test results 2016 MWRA

7/07/2016 Updated

MWRA Water Quality report


Winter Snow removal Operations


The Town of Bedford Public Works Department is pleased to issue the following guide to winter snow removal operations.  This information is meant to inform Bedford residents of the snow plowing and sidewalk clearing procedures and to ask for your assistance so that the town roads can be restored for safe travel as quickly as possible following a winter storm.  Snow plowing is a time consuming and laborious job.  Your cooperation is essential and we thank you for your patience.

Please click herefor additional information


Narrow Gauge Trail Stone Dust Path Refurbishment

The Bedford Selectmen recently awarded a contract to Sunshine Paving to refurbish the stone dust path along the Narrow Gauge Rail Trail between Great Road and the Billerica town line.  The work includes removal of the existing material to reestablish a 10 foot wide compacted stone dust path.  The two parking areas will also be reworked to provide a uniform grade and resurfaced with new stone dust.  The project is expected to begin on December 1st and be completed in approximately two weeks, weather dependent.  The Town will have a uniformed police detail at the work site to assist users to cross the construction area, but please use caution along the path.  For additional information, please contact the Department of Public Works at (781)  275-7605.

Narrow Gauge Plan


Drinking Water Update


Primary source is from Massachusetts Water Resource Authority – MWRA : 85% - 90% supply
Secondary source is from the Shawsheen Road Wellfield: 10% - 15% supply
On average 1.2 million gallons of water is used each day

Drinking Water Update


Fawn Lake Preservation Study
04/ 17 / 2015 updated

The Bedford Selectmen recently appointed nine residents to serve on the newly formed Fawn Lake Committee.  These members represent the Selectmen, Conservation Commission, Historical Preservation Committee, Land Stewards, the Fawn Lake community action group and other interested citizens.  Town staff from Conservation and DPW will attend the meetings and provide technical assistance and committee coordination. 

The Fawn Lake Preservation Study, funded by the Community Preservation Committee and prepared by CEI Consultants, Inc., has resulted in a baseline inventory and analysis of current conditions at Fawn Lake.  Two public meetings were held in late 2015 for CEI to explain their field work results and gather public input.  A final report was recently submitted to the Town, which outlines 15 possible strategies, including benefits, permitting requirements and estimated costs.  Using the Study, the Fawn Lake Committee will review and evaluate the options for preserving Fawn Lake as an open water body.  Their selection and recommendation of an option or combination of options will be presented to the Commission and Selectmen at an advertised public meeting. 

Fawn Lake Public Meeting October 29, 2014

Fawn Lake Public Meeting December 3, 2014

Latin Names of Identified Plant Species in Fawn Lake, October 2014

Fawn Lake Presveration Study, March 2015 ( New )



Minuteman Bikeway Extension Project
0321/2016 updated

The Town of Bedford recently received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to fund the extension of the Minuteman Bikeway.  The Bikeway currently ends at Depot Park, near the intersection of South Road and Loomis Street.  This project proposes to extend the bikeway by making a portion of Railroad Avenue accessible to bikes, and constructing 8,800 feet of bikeway on the Reformatory Branch Trail, from Railroad Avenue to the Bedford/Concord Town line.  The new bikeway will have a 12 foot wide paved section with 3 foot wide clear zones on both sides.

The existing Minuteman Bikeway is used as a transportation corridor for regional commuters as well as local residents.  Extending the bikeway westerly to the town line will provide on-road connections to Railroad Avenue, Hartwell Road and Concord Road in addition to providing access to the schools and several Town owned parcels and conservation areas.  

The paved width of Railroad Avenue varies between 20 and 27 feet.  The pavement is in poor condition, and although it’s in close proximity to the John Glenn Middle School and Bedford High School, it only provides intermittent sidewalks.  As part of the project, the trail crossing at the tight curve on Railroad Avenue will be enhanced with activated flashing beacons, and the two existing parking areas will be reconstructed.

Please click here for the public presentation on June 9, 2014.
Please click here for the public presentation on August 4, 2014
Please click
here for the public presentation on Nov. 3, 2014
Please click here for the public presentation on April. 27, 2015
Please click here for the public presentation on May. 13, 2015
Please click
here for the public presentation on March.14,2016


Street opening Moratorium

12/29/2015 - Updated

The Department of Public Works has a 5-year moratorium for trenching or cutting a newly paved roadway to preserve the investment of the Town’s reconstruction funds. This applies to applications for new gas, electric, cable, fiber or telephone service. Please refer to the following list of streets when planning or designing a new house or other development.

Street Opening Moratorium Pdf


Minutman Bikeway Recomendations
Report by Toole Design Group for the

Towns of Bedford, Lexington and Arlington

Navigating the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway


Current Projects


Water Main Improvement Project

07/18/2016 NEW

Ashby Road                                              Bacon Road

Walsh Road                                              Crescent Avenue

Lane Avenue                                             Hartford Street

Winthrop Avenue

Plans: C&L 2016 - Walsh and Ashby - Bid Plans P01
            C&L 2016 - Walsh and Ashby - Bid Plans P02
            C&L 2016 - Walsh and Ashby - Bid Plans P03


          The Bedford Selectmen recently awarded a contract to Biszko Contracting to clean and line the water mains in the above noted areas.  The cleaning and lining process scrapes off deposits within the water main and then applies a cement liner to the inside of the pipe to prohibit the future growth of rust.     

In order to perform this work, the existing water main will be taken out of service.  Temporary pipes will be set above ground and houses will be connected to the temporary pipe from hoses connected to an outside sillcock.     

Hydrant connections will be in place to maintain fire protection.

The project will start the week of July 18th on Ashby Road, Walsh Road, Lane Avenue and Winthrop Avenue.  Work hours will be Monday thru Thursday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, weather dependent.  The roads will remain open, although minor delays around the construction site should be expected.   Once the above streets are complete, Biszko will begin work on Bacon Road, Crescent Avenue and Hartford Street. The project should be complete by the end of October.

            Bedford Water Division personnel will be overseeing this project.  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the DPW at (781) 275-7605.   


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