Household Hazardous Products Collection


Household Hazardous Products Collection

Minuteman Household Hazardous Products Collection Facility
Lexington Landfill Site
60 Hartwell Avenue, Lexington, MA
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

1. Registration

Pre-registration is not required and the event is free of charge to Bedford residents. However, when you attend the event, you must show an ID or utility bill displaying your Bedford address.
2. Collect Household Hazardous Products

 Be efficient. Consolidate and combine with your neighbors to keep costs down and this program in place for future years.
Please bring at least 10 gallons or 10 pounds of household hazardous waste. The cost to the Town is over $50 per participant whether you have 1 gallon or 10 gallons.
Only household quantities will be accepted under the household collection program. Other options are available for businesses. Contact the Board of Health at 781-275-6507. Latex paint is not accepted. See next page for latex paint disposal options.

3. Choose a Collection Date

Saturday, April 15th * This event will be held at the Lexington Samuel Hadley Public  Services Building (DPW) at 201 Bedford Street, Lexington MA*
 Saturday, May 13th
 Saturday, June 17th
 Saturday, July 15th
 Saturday, August 12th
 SUNDAY, September 17th
 Saturday, October 14th
 Saturday, November 4th

4. Transportation Tips

NEVER MIX CHEMICALS, store different items in different boxes.
Tighten caps and lids.
 Leave materials in original containers.
 Pad boxes with newspaper to minimize spills.
 Drive directly to center.

5. Important Information

 If you need further information about the Household Hazardous Products Collection Event, please contact the Board of Health at 781-275-6507.
 If you are unable to attend one of the above events, you may attend pay-as-you-go events held at the Clean Harbors Facility

Latex Paint Disposal Options

Latex paint is not a hazardous product so it is not accepted at the hazardous product facility. If you bring it to the collection facility it will not be accepted and you will go home with it. In Bedford, fully solidified latex paint may be put in the regular curbside trash but liquid or semi-liquid paint is NOT accepted. Under no circumstances should paint in a liquid form be put into your regular trash because this material is compacted and will leak when being transported. To solidify latex paint for disposal in household trash, any of the following disposal options can be used:
1) Open the can and let it dry out, if there is just a small amount, and it can be done safely. Once paint is solidified, the cans can then be put in the regular trash with the lids off, or in a plastic trash bag, so that the collectors do not think it is hazardous.
2) Put kitty litter or purchased “waste latex paint hardener” product (available at many paint and hardware stores) into the can and then let the paint dry out to a solid form. The can of solidified paint may be put in a plastic bag and put in your curbside trash.
3) Line a box with newspaper and pour small amounts of paint into the box, letting each layer dry and solidify before adding another. The "painted" box can be put in your regular trash.

Household Hazardous Products Collection