Speed Signs

If you are traveling around Bedford, you may notice two new additions to the Traffic Enforcement arsenal. Two new compact "Speed Signs". These are small units that show a passing vehicle's speed on an LED display. The goal of these devices is to notify the vehicle's operator of just how fast they are traveling. These days it seems that operators are more interested in what is on the radio or the conversation on their cell phone and are not paying attention to their speed.
The Bedford Police Department has been using portable speed trailers for the past twelve years. They served their purpose in the early years, however, they have needed costly repairs recently and were so big that they could not always be placed where they were needed most.
We have traded in our two older speed trailers for more compact units that can be placed on sign posts and telephone poles. They are much smaller and are easier to set-up and move. These units can be programmed and controlled from the internet and data can be downloaded instantaneously from anywhere. If someone tries to steal or tamper with the units, a high resolution photo is taken with the on-board camera and is immediately sent via email and text to the Traffic Enforcement Officer. They are also tracked using an internal GPS.
The Bedford Police Department is now taking requests for these speed signs to be placed in certain neighborhoods. The requests will be addressed on a first come/first served basis, however, we will look at the practicality and need of the location before they are deployed.  You can request the signs by filling out the appropriate information when you click the link below.