Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park during a snow storm?

The Town’s Traffic Rules & Regulations prohibit parking a vehicle on a public way or public property between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am year round or when more than 2 inches of snow has accumulated on the streets.  There is no municipal parking area available to park a private vehicle during these periods, so you must find your own location to leave your vehicle.

If my car is to towed, where can I recover it

The Bedford Police coordinates towing of a vehicle when it interferes with snow operations or other public emergencies.  Please contact them at (781) 275-1212 and they will assist you with recovering your towed vehicle.

Can I get sand and salt?  

The Sand is now loacated at 181 Springs Road at the entrance to Springs Brook Park.

What if a plow damages my mailbox or front lawn?

Please call the DPW at (781) 275-7605 with the address and description of damage.  This will get logged in to the work order system.  Mailboxes will be repaired or replaced within a few days, depending on storm conditions;  lawns will be repaired in the spring.  Please check the “Winter Operations” tab on the Highway website.

How do I report a pothole?

Please call the DPW at (781) 275-7605 with the location of the pothole.  Please check the “Pothole Information” tab on the Highway website.  You may also report a pothole at the “SeeClickFix” tab on the Town’s home page.

How do I report a missing street sign?  

Please report missing or damaged street signs to the DPW at (781) 275-7605.  We will need the street name and at what intersection the sign is missing. 

How do I report a street light that is out?

Street lights that are burnt out or flickering can be reported directly to Siemens Industry @ 978-262-9010. to Report an Outage” and enter the pole number or street address. 

Traffic lights are flashing or not working, whom do I notify? 

During normal working hours, please call the DPW at (781) 275-7605 with the specific traffic signal location.  After hours, please call the Bedford Police & Fire Dispatch center at (781) 275-1212.