Vacancies on Town Committees

Town Committee Vacancies

It’s that time of year when there are openings in various appointed Bedford Town committees.  Terms for many volunteer slots are up in June/July of each year and volunteers are welcomed to apply for openings.  These committees include but are not limited to:

(2) - Arbor Resources

(2) – Bedford Housing Authority  

(1) – Cable Television Committee

(1) – Capital Expenditure Committee

(1)– Conservation Commission

(1)– Council on Aging

(3) – Cultural Council

(1) - Historic Preservation Commission

(1) - Recreation Commission (as of July 1st)

(1) – Volunteer Coordinating Committee

(1) - SuAsCo River Stewardship Council - Alternate Member (http://www.sudbury-assabet-

The activities of these committees are as divergent as their names.From preserving the beauty of Bedford to preparing the Town’s budget for Town Meeting review and approval, or hearing applications for work on private properties in the Center of Town Historic District, the vacant positions are all important to the functioning of the Town.

Not sure?Minutes from each committee are available on the Town of Bedford website.You are also welcome to attend meetings for any committees to learn more about what they do and see if it is a good fit for you.All meetings are Open to residents.

Residents interested in applying should contact members of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee by logging onto the VCC page of the Town’s website,, and filling out a Volunteer Questionnaire for one or more position.  Questionnaires are also available on the Town Website and at the Town Manager’s office.