Bedford Police Department to Begin MPAC Accreditation Process

BEDFORD -- Chief Robert Bongiorno is pleased to announce the Bedford Police Department is in the process of attaining full accreditation from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission (MPAC).

On March 7, a team of MPAC assessors will begin a thorough examination of the Bedford Police Department’s policies and procedures, operations and facilities.

Earning accreditation typically involves months of work, an internal self-review and an external assessment by the commission’s team of experts to ensure a department falls in line with the best in professional law enforcement standards. The process is a self-initiated evaluation where police departments strive to meet and maintain the top standards of law enforcement. It is considered the best measure for a police department to compare itself against the established best practices around the country and region.

Lt. James Graham, the department’s accreditation manager, expects the process to completed as early as this summer.

“Achieving accreditation is a priority for the Bedford Police Department,” Chief Bongiorno said. “I want to recognize the hard work and dedication of Lt. Graham and the rest of the department for striving to uphold the highest standards of law enforcement.”

The MPAC program includes 257 mandatory police department standards and 125 optional standards. In order to achieve accreditation, a department must meet all required standards and at least 55 percent of the optional ones. Reviewed standards include: Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid, Collection and Preservation of Evidence, Communications, Working Conditions, Crime Analysis, Community Involvement, Financial Management, Internal Affairs, Juvenile Operations, Patrol, Administration, Public Information, Records, Traffic, Training, Drug Enforcement and Victim/Witness Assistance.

This is the first time the Bedford Police Department will be reviewed for accreditation. MPAC accreditation and certifications are done every three years. The department received State Certification through MPAC in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

The accreditation review is conducted by volunteer assessors from outside police agencies who are trained by the MPAC Executive Director.