Bedford Police to Launch Monthly Crime Statistics Report

BEDFORD -- Chief Robert Bongiorno is pleased to report that the Bedford Police Department is launching a monthly report, which will provide crime analysis and a breakdown of the department’s activity to the public.

Bedford Police will begin posting the monthly reports to the department website, and community members can sign up to receive the newsletter via email.

Crime analysis, a practice used by law enforcement officials to become more effective through better information, helps analysts, chiefs, and department personnel identify where they spend the most time, energy and resources.

“I’m glad to begin sharing our monthly highlights in a more concise way,” Officer Marc Saucier said. “As a department, we strive to create open channels of communication with the Bedford community, and I encourage residents to follow our reports for a better understanding of how police officers spend their time.”

In the month of February, Bedford Police received just over 1,000 calls for service. The top five calls for service are as follows:

• Directed Patrol: 338

• Motor Vehicle Stops: 173

• Motor Vehicle Citations Issued: 164

• Mutual Aid to Bedford Fire: 43

• Alarms: 59

Bedford Police issued 169 citations in February, and approximately 100 of which were warnings. The breakdown is as follows:

• Arrest: 6

• Civil Infraction: 29

• Criminal Complaint: 11

• No Enforcement: 24

• Warnings: 99

Sixteen motor vehicle crashes occurred over the course of the month. Half of the total crashes occurred on Springs Road and The Great Road alone (four reported crashes on each street). Of all crashes, 25 percent occurred because a driver failed to yield the right of way.

Chief Bongiorno and the Bedford Police Department would like to thank the community for their continued support.

To receive the monthly report via email, sign up here.