Road Reconstruction The Great Road at Mudge Way

Roadway construction for the Safe Routes to School project is scheduled to begin the week of April 24th. The project includes a new traffic control signal at the Mudge Way/The Great Road intersection with new sidewalks and designated bike lanes to the Jenks Trail. The Jenks Trail which runs in front of the Library and High School will be reconstructed to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians. At the southerly end of the Jenks Trail, pedestrians and bicyclists will cross the driveway with a new marked crosswalk and continue to the Middle School over an improved pathway. There will also be a formal crossing between the Tot Lot and the sidewalk to the Bedford Library. The contractor for the project is J.Tropeano, Inc. and is being funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
The initial construction which will last approximately two weeks, includes drainage, curbing and roadway improvements at the Mudge Way/The Great Road intersection which will affect traffic through the area. Police details will be on site for traffic control, bus departures and pedestrian crossings. Normal work hours will be weekdays, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please check the Bedford DPW website for future updates and to view the construction plans.
Thank you for your patience throughout this project.  Please contact  the DPW if you have any questions or need additional information .