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You can contact Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) directly at 800-442-9006

The Department of Public Works would like to thank the Bedford community for their recycling efforts. Overall this past year, the Town of Bedford achived a 33% recycling rate by diverting 1,833 tons of recycling materials from going to the incinerator and realizing a cost savings of $125,885. With your continued support, we hope to increase recycling rates while minimizing trash disposal fees.

Commingled recylables (plastics, glass and metal containers) are to be placed in your recycling bins. (Town of Bedford bins are grey, but any bin is fine.) Paper recyclables should be placed inside a paper bag, which can be put on top of the commingled or alongside of the bin. Cardboard should be ripped into 30" squares or smaller, and should be placed in a grey bin or taped together.

Please do not place any recyclables in plastic bags, and do not include plastic bags in your recycling.They get recycled at your local grocery store.

Full sized wheeled trash cans labeled with a recycling sticker from the DPW can be used to hold plastics, glass and metal recyclables.

If you would like further information on what is recycled in Bedford, watch this VIDEO: Paper and Container Recycling in Bedford.  Additional bins are for sale at the Department of Public Works for $7 each.

Automated Refuse Collection


REFUSE MUST BE PLACED AT CURBSIDE BY 7AM. Refuse is collected through the use of automated collection trucks and 48-gallon town-supplied refuse carts. The cart must be 3' (three feet) away from any obstacles (trees, mailboxes, fences, othercarts, recycling bins, etc.). The handles and wheels of the cart must face away from the street, and the cart lid must be closed. Excess refuse that does not fit in the cart with the lid closed must be placed in an Official Bedford Overflow Bag which are available for sale at Moison's Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, and Stop and Shop. Bags are sold in rolls of five for $7.50 ( $1.50/bag).

Residents may apply for the use of a second refuse cart at the Department of Public Works at 314 The Great Road. The annual fee for a second cart is $150 for the first year and $100 thereafter. The fee includes the cost of the cart and the collection and disposal of the additional refuse.

BULKY ITEMS: Call Allied Waste Services at 1-800-442-9006 by Friday at 5pm to schedule the collection of one (1) bulky item per week on Monday. Examples of bulky items include tables, chairs, mattresses, box springs, couches, and a single unmounted tire. Bulky items are too large to fit in the refuse cart but DO NOT include items covered in Special Collections. All refuse, including bulky items, must be placed at the curb by 7am on collection day.


Compost Bins

The Department of Public Works is offering compost bins for home use to Bedford residents at the cost of $45.
Please call (781)-275-7605 with any questions.




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