Refuse & Recycling Schedule and Information

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Refuse & Recycling information July 2015 - 2016

All collections of both residential refuse and recycling take place on MONDAY except when an observed holiday occurs on Monday, at which times collections are moved to TUESDAY as follows:


What to Recycle?

   Want to know more about recycling? Watch this video!!    

What to Recycle How to Prepare Do Not Include
Shredded paper Shred paper and
place in brown paper grocery bags. Staple shut.


(recycle at local grocery store)

Newspapers/inserts Glossy is ok NO Food-soiled paper/boxes
Magazines,paperback tissue books, phone books, catalogs, junk mail Flatten NO Dirty paper towels or tissues                                       
Milk/juice cartons/boxes Empty, rinse, flatten  
Paperboard(cereal and shoe boxes ect. Flatten  
Office paper Window envelopes, staples, paperclips, and spiral bound notebooks ok                                   NO Hardcover books

What to Recycle How to Prepare  
All cardboard must be cut to 30" x 30" or smaller and flattend. Stack besides or on top of your recycling bin outside. CARDBOARD that does not meet the specifications WILL NOT be collected.


What to Recycle How to Prepare Do Not Include
Soda & detergent bottles empty and quick rinse NO PLASTIC BAGS
Plastic milk, juice & water jugs empty, rinse, and flatten NO Motor oil or chemical containers
Yogurt, butter tubs, pudding cups, etc. empty and quick rinse                                   
plastic drink cups

empty and quick rinse

Clear plastic coffee/tea cups accepted. NO Straws!
All containers  1-7 except styrofoam empty and quick rinse

NO Styrofoam coffee cups, packing peanuts or large styrofoam pieces. Consider saving for spring and fall DPW Event Days!


What to Recycle           How to Prepare   Do Not Include                                  
Glass bottles, jars empty and quick rinse NO broken glass, light bulbs


What to Recycle How to Prepare                   Do Not Include       
Aluminum cans, tin cans empty and quick rinse NO hardware, blades, weights