Safe Homes


Safe Homes is concerned with underage substance use and abuse, not a program designed to address adult alcohol consumption.

The Safe Homes pledge is NOT a legally binding contract.  It is an “Agreement” among a community network of parents.  

The SAFE HOMES Program is a support network for Bedford parents who are concerned about alcohol and drug use at pre-teen and teen parties and gatherings. Families who join SAFE HOMES promise to provide a safe and supervised home for teen parties. 

To learn more, read the  SAFE HOMES brochure. To sign up, fill out the pledge form and mail it in, or click the button below to sign up online.

We encourage you to sign up for the SAFE HOMES Program in support of the youth in our communities.  If you made the pledge last year, your name will remain in the directory, with an update to your childrens' grade levels, unless you request that it be removed.

Every fall, we will update the latest SAFE HOMES Directory which lists the SAFE HOMES in our communities. For more information about SAFE HOMES, please read the Bedford Safe Homes FAQs