Youth Risk Behavior Survey

2016 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Main Findings

2016 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Full Results

“Infographics” are information graphics that can be used to market messages and display data in ways that are both informational and motivational.  Used frequently in journalism and social media, infographics present data through a combination of words, numerals, and pictures and are generally used to target specific audiences. SSRE worked with us to develop the infographics with the 2014 Bedford YRBS data to better educate our community about areas of concern.


Importance of Eating Breakfast Data

JGMS Stress-Related Data

JGMS Breakfast-Related Data

BHS Stress-Related Data

BHS Breakfast-Related Data

BHS Access to Alcohol Data

BHS Marijuana Use Data

BHS Substance Use Data

DPH-Secondhand Smoke

NIDA-E-cigarettes and Teen Use

NIDA-Marijuana Use & Educational Outcomes

NIDA-Marijuana and the Teen Brain

PDFK-From Rx to Heroin