Requirements for Demolition / Renovation

Prior to receiving Bedford Health Department sign-off on the Code Enforcement Demolition Permit Application, the property owner / contractor is required to complete the following activities and document activities on the Health Department Pre-Demolition Checklist:


Conduct an inspection for the presence of hazardous building materials or storage of hazardous materials. Remove and properly dispose of any oil or hazardous materials or the components containing them that are present. Provide documentation supporting the disposal method.

Asbestos Evaluation

  • Contract with a MA licensed asbestos inspector to conduct an inspection of building materials for asbestos content. Suspect asbestos materials must be either assumed to be asbestos or a sample submitted for laboratory analysis. The licensed inspector shall quantify the volume of asbestos-containing material.
  • The MA Licensed Asbestos Inspector shall generate a report with their findings and include any laboratory data.
  • Contract with a MA Licensed Abatement Contractor to remove any identified asbestos-containing material.
  • The abatement contractor shall provide a MA DEP notification form, documentation confirming that asbestos was removed from the site (including a volume of material removed) and documentation confirming the material was properly disposed of at a licensed facility.
  • All reports and documentation generated from the above process shall be attached to the Health Department Pre-Demolition Inspection Checklist.

Baiting for Pests

  • For full building demolitions, a Massachusetts Licensed Pesticide Applicator shall conduct an inspection and baiting for rodents including the following: 
    • A full inspection of the site building and property
    • Baiting of the property boundaries
    • Baiting the building interior by a Massachusetts Licensed Pesticide Applicator
  • Subsequent to the inspection and baiting, a report from the Massachusetts Licensed Pesticide Applicator must be submitted to the Board of Health in conjunction with the Pre-Demolition / Pre-Renovation Checklist. This report shall include the following:
    • The address of the property that was inspected and baited
    • The date the inspection and baiting took place
    • Pre-demolition inspection findings
    • A plot plan showing the site boundaries, site building(s), and locations where exterior and, if necessary, interior bait traps have been set. At a minimum, baiting must be done on the outside of the building(s)

Pre-Demolition Checklist

  • You must sign the Checklist where indicated to affirm that you have evaluated the area of work for the indicated materials and removed any materials that may be impacted by the proposed work.
  • Pre-Demolition / Renovation Checklist (PDF)

$25 Registration Fee

  • Effective July 1, 2020, a $25 Registration Fee will be assessed for Pre-Demolition Checklist submissions. Return completed Checklist, supporting documentation, and the $25 Registration Fee to the Bedford Health Department. Checks should be made out to the Town of Bedford. A staff member may contact you to schedule an inspection of the building / property to confirm that all hazardous building materials have been accounted for and proper baiting has been conducted.

Please note that Board of Health sign-off will not be granted until the Pre-Demolition Checklist is complete, supporting documentation and Registration Fee is submitted to the Health Department. Once submitted, the Health Department will strive to review the checklist and supporting documents within two business days. For further details, please contact the Health Department. Failure to properly assess the hazardous building components or failure to provide the required documentation to the Board of Health may be cause for delaying the review and approval of redevelopment proposals or issuance of permits and may also be cause for the Health Department to seek enforcement assistance from local, state and federal authorities.