Dog Licenses

The registration period is June 1 through August 31. The license is valid from September 1 through August 31.

For each license, you need to send us:

  • A copy of a valid rabies certificate
  • A fee of $15 for a one-year license. $18 for a two-year license. $25 for a three-year license.
  • Completed Dog License Application Form (PDF)

Or if you are sure we have your dog's up-to-date rabies vaccine information, you may pay online.

For Kennels

  • Kennel License (4 to 9 dogs): $60
  • Kennel License (10 or more dogs): $100

Mail a check or money order for the license(s) payable to the Town of Bedford (online payment is not available for kennel licenses).

Fill out by printing or typing the form and send to:

Office of the Town Clerk
10 Mudge Way
Bedford, MA 01730

The tag and the license will be mailed back to you as soon as possible.

Reminder! There will be a late fine assessed for each dog licensed after August. This will apply only to those on the list from the previous year. New registrations are always welcome!

Copies of the Animal Control bylaw are available in the Office of the Town Clerk. Any questions, please call 781-275-0083 during usual business hours. Please retain them for your records.

Please review our Pet Waste Brochure (PDF).

Highlights of Dog Bylaw (General Bylaws - Article 42)

  • All dogs must be vaccinated and licensed after three months of age with the Town of Bedford. There are special regulations for vicious dogs.
  • All dogs must not be allowed to roam "at large". They must be restrained at all times or on effective voice command with a leash in hand, when off their premises.
  • There will be a fine for impoundment of dogs when picked up "at Large".
  • All owners of dogs that produce nuisance by barking, howling oestrus cycle, causing damage to property, litter and biting will be subject to citation and fine.