Policies, Permits, & Licenses

Common Victualers Licenses

You may print out the application for a Common Victualer's License below. Fill out the required information and submit it to the Town Manager's Office. You may either drop off the application in person or mail it to:

The Town Manager's Office
10 Mudge Way
Bedford MA

Once your application has been received you will be contacted with more information about the process of getting approval from the Selectmen.

If you have additional questions concerning Common Victualer's Licenses please contact the Town Manager's Office at 781-275-1111 or fill out the related request form.

Alcohol Licenses

Available License 11-30-23

The Massachusetts Liquor Control Act places a quota or limit on the number of on-premise and off-premise licenses a town can issue. That quota is based on the population of the community as determined by the most recent federal census. Although this changes with each state census, view the current remaining liquor license quota above for the Town of Bedford and Access the Town's alcohol policies (PDF). Please see the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) website for more information about applying for licenses including all alcohol, wine and malt, package stores, and clubs.

One-Day Special Alcohol Licenses

The Select Board may grant a special license under MGL Chapter 138 Section 14 to the responsible manager of any indoor or outdoor activity or enterprise. If you wish to hold an event that involves the sale of alcohol, please fill out the application below and contact the Town Manager's Office at 781-275-1111. If the event is to take place in Town Center, please contact Fay Russo at 781-275-4880. If the event is to take place in Old Town Hall, please contact the Bedford Historical Society for rental information, but you must apply for a permit to serve alcohol through the Town Manager's office for approval by the Select Board. 

Entertainment License 

The provision of public entertainment, whether live or prerecorded, requires an annual license issued by the Town of Bedford. M.G.L. c.140, §183A applies to licenses for establishments that have an alcohol and/or common victualler license and that provide “any concert, dance, exhibition, cabaret or public show of any description”, regardless of whether there is a charge for admission. The Select Board may impose reasonable limitations and conditions on the entertainment license. Entertainment License Form

Sunday entertainment is governed by G.L. c.136, §4, A Sunday license must be approved by the local licensing authority, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. Please see https://www.mass.gov/sunday-license for more information.

For additional questions about licenses please contact the Town Manager's Office at 781-275-1111.

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