Firearms Licensing

Applicants must follow the directions below when applying for any Firearms License Type:

  1. Complete the application and turn it in to the Bedford Police Department. Blank applications can be found here or in the lobby of the police department.
    • New Applicants must turn in a copy of their Safety Course Certificates (Class A LTC and FID only).
    • Renewals and FID Restricted Applicants need to return the application, affidavit, and the BPD Policy Letter. These forms are all included in the application packet.
  2. When turning in your application, you will submit a check with your application.
    • License to Carry - $100
      Renewals for Applicants over the age of 70 are free.
    • FID - $100
      Renewals for Applicants over the age of 70 are free.
    • FID Restricted - $25
      Renewals are free

      Make the checks out to the "Town of Bedford".
  3. Once the complete application has been turned into the Bedford Police Department, Sergeant Ron Undzis will contact you within 7 to 10 business days with a date and time to come in for processing. Please make sure the phone number on the applications is one that is used frequently and the messages are checked. Please refer to our No Show Policy.

    Processing includes fingerprints and photos. Bring your Massachusetts Driver's License to your appointment.
  4. Following the processing, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the background information to come back and for the card to be printed.
  5. Should there be any discrepancies in the application, then the process takes longer as more information needs to be gathered. Please make sure that all questions on Page 2 are fully completed on each and every application. Failure to complete page 2 fully could result in a Denial of License.

View the Bedford & Massachusetts LTC Application (PDF)

Visit the Firearms Safety Academy website