The Great Road Master Plan

Project News

(January 3, 2020) The Town has been working with the Transportation and Bicycle Advisory Committees to determine the type of bike accommodations that will both fit within the limited roadway width and maintain the character of the historic Great Road corridor. To avoid significant impacts on private property and green space, on-road bike lanes separated from traffic with a painted buffer have been identified as a viable option. Construction funding for Willson Park and Phase 3 is tentatively scheduled for FY2027 and FY2029 respectively. 

For additional information, please contact Jeanette Rebecchi, DPW Transportation Program Manager at 781-918-4274 or Email Jeanette Rebecchi.

Project Overview

The Great Road Master Plan reexamines the streetscape between Memorial Park and the North Road/Carlisle Road intersection. The goals of the project are to redesign the corridor to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety, maintain the historic streetscape along the roadway and provide traffic modifications to reduce vehicular conflicts. The project also includes a site-specific study to develop consensus for modifications to Willson Park. Bike lanes and wider sidewalks will be provided both east and westbound.

  • Phase 1: The Great Road at South Road/Springs Road, and the Fire Station signals - Construction Complete
  • Phase 2: The Great Road at Mudge Way - Construction Complete
  • Phase 3: North Road from Willson Park to Carlisle Road and the remainder of The Great Road to Hillside Avenue / Bacon Road intersection
  • Phase 4: Willson Park

Public Presentations