Local Rapid Recovery Plan

Assisting Bedford Center Businesses Recover from the Pandemic

In a joint regional partnership, the Towns of Lexington, Arlington and Bedford embarked on a six-month Local Rapid Recovery Planning (LRRP) process starting in Spring 2021. The goal of the LRRP program is to give every municipality in Massachusetts the opportunity to develop plans tailored to the unique economic challenges and immediate COVID-19 impacts that have affected downtowns, town centers and commercial areas throughout Massachusetts. Throughout the process, stakeholders from the three communities were engaged through a public forum as well as a series of focus group meetings.

The Local Rapid Recovery Plan provides a set of strategies and recommendations on how to encourage customers to frequent Bedford Center businesses via the popular recreational asset, the Minuteman Bikeway. Technical assistance in developing the report was provided by Fine Point Associates and funding was provided by the Massachusetts Downtown Initiative program.

The plan provides a concise road map for project-related investments that support alignment with existing public resources as well as the potential to leverage additional resources from other partners and funders.

The final report (PDF) is available to view.