Compost & Recycling Center - 108 Carlisle Rd

  • Open to Bedford residents only. No commercial vehicles or contractors.
  • Resident stickers are required. Request a free sticker at the DPW, 314 Great Road, during business hours. Proof of residency is required (vehicle registration and driver's license or utility bill with address)
  • View the Compost Center Policy - Yard Waste Dropoff (PDF)
  • Click here to view the Site Map.

Current Schedule

  • The site is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, year-round, from 8AM-1PM.
  • View or Print a schedule using the Waste Wizard Calendar tool

Note: Site closed on Saturday, September 23rd during Bedford Day.

Yard Waste & Brush Drop off

Bedford residents are encouraged to bring yard waste and brush to the Compost Center.

  • Acceptable material - Leaf litter, pine needles, yard trimmings, garden weeds, and tree material. 
  • NO lumber, pallets or wood waste. 
  • Finished compost and wood chips - are available free for residents (to the left of the site as you approach the exit, see Site Map.) This material is generated on-site and is not tested for quality or contaminants.

Recycling Center

Photo of drop off recycling area

NEW! Bulky Rigid Plastics Drop-off

What are Bulky Rigid Plastics (BRP)? Bulky Rigid Plastics are oversized plastic items such as 5-gal buckets, molded plastic toys or plastic lawn furniture. Because of the size and shape, BRPs are not acceptable in the curbside recycling program and require special handling. 

Acceptable Items: 

  • Buckets, totes
  • Laundry baskets
  • Plastic furniture
  • Storage containers
  • Car seats (fabric and belts removed)
  • View the full flyer here

We Cannot Accept: PVC, tarps or plastic sheeting, hoses, vinyl siding or any item containing a battery.

Scrap Metal Drop-off

  • Items that are primarily metal including metal furniture, fencing or shelving; pots and pans; bicycles (tires ok), grills (no propane tanks) and small engine items (oil and gas MUST BE DRAINED). 
  • Items must not exceed 5 feet in length and must fit into the gray collection container. 
  • NO appliances or pressurized tanks/containers (including empty spray cans and CO2 canisters.)

This program is made possible, in part, through the MassDEP Recycling Dividens Grant Program.

Cardboard & Glass Drop-off

Residents may bring clean cardboard and glass to the Compost Center during operating hours.

  • Flatten all boxes and remove any packing material (including styrofoam, bubble wrap, and packing paper).
  • Remove all non-glass components (lids/caps, corks, etc.)

Batteries, Bulbs & Mercury Recovery

Bulb Shed

Bedford residents can properly dispose of mercury-containing items at the Universal Waste Shed. Learn more about the importance of properly disposing of mercury-containing items in the March 2022 Recycle Smart newsletter.

Acceptable Items

  • Mercury-containing items (thermometers, thermostats, barometers)
  • Fluorescent lamps (4 feet, 8 feet, circular, u-bulbs)
  • Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Batteries: Lithium primary, Lithium-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and lead-acid batteries
  • Ionization smoke detectors

We Cannot Accept

  • LED bulbs or Alkaline Batteries - these items do not contain mercury and can be disposed of in the regular trash (black cart). Residents who would prefer to recycle them can bring them to Batteries Plus Bulbs in Woburn, MA (fees apply).
  • Digital thermostats, photoelectric smoke detectors or combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (put these in the trash).
  • Car Batteries - undamaged batteries can be recycled at Bedford Auto Parts, 200 Great Road, Bedford, MA. Damaged or leaking batteries should be disposed of as Household Hazardous Waste.