Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness & Hazard Mitigation Plan

Project News

April, 2022 - FEMA issued its final approval of the Town of Bedford's combined Hazard Mitigation Plan Update and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Report (PDF). This Report identifies the top climate hazards facing the Town of Bedford and generates a list of strategies to better protect the community from future hazard events. 

Project History

In 2019 the Town of Bedford received a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) to update the 2010 Town of Bedford Hazard Mitigation Plan, further assess climate vulnerabilities, and develop an action plan to prepare for current and future climate impacts in Bedford. In December 2019, Town staff, committee members, and community stakeholders were invited to participate in a Community Resilience Building Workshop to comment on local climate hazards and develop opportunities for mitigation. In March 2020, the Town of Bedford hosted a community listening session to provide information about these identified climate hazards, and to solicit input on the mitigation actions developed at the Workshop. The results of these meetings were incorporated into a combined Hazard Mitigation Plan update and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Report. The Report was adopted by the Select Board, and submitted to the EEA, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency after the three-week public comment period. By becoming a designated MVP community, the Town will be eligible to apply for Action Grants to pursue the identified action items.