East Bedford: Old Billerica Road, Burlington Road, Great Road, to South Road

The conservation areas in this section are in general west of Route 3 and north of the Shawsheen River. They include significant upland acreage, priority habitats associated with the Shawsheen River, vernal pools and riverine habitats. To the south, several conservation areas near the Lexington boundary add to neighborhood buffers and greenspace near rivers and streams.

Conservation Areas

  • O'Connor
  • Shawsheen River
  • Wilson Mill Park
  • Reeves Road
  • Page / Corey
  • Frost
  • Poock
  • Anthony, Moore


Shawsheen River. The Shawsheen River Conservation Areas together consist of 28.3 continuous acres forming a protected greenway along the north side of the Shawsheen River corridor between Middlesex Turnpike and Route 3. In this location the river winds in a natural channel between an extensive open marsh and shrub swamp on either side. The acquisitions took place between 1975 and 1993 through gifts and purchases. The river is accessible to small boats, and is navigable at high water throughout its course through Bedford. The conservation areas are also partially accessible via a trail established over an upland conservation restriction. Additional restrictions on the riverfront area by Crosbys Hill have laid the foundation for a greenway corridor along both sides of the river. Management improvements should include the completion of a trail to the Route 3 bridge, and the establishment of a small parking area and boat launch site. (See article)

Reeves Road

A 2-acre conservation purchase and restriction off Reeves Road in 1986 creates a buffer between Burlington and the Reeves Road area neighborhoods.

Page / Corey

This 5-acre area was donated to the Town between 1982 and 1995 by several members of the Frost family. Located on Great Road at the entrance to Bedford from Lexington, it comprises the only undeveloped protected land on Great Road outside the historic district. Its visual effect beautifies this area and adds value to neighboring residences.

The Town acquired this 3.68-acre property as a gift in 1981. Its location near Elm Brook at Wiggins Avenue provides important protection for the brook and a buffer to the center of town and nearby commercial development. Management efforts have recently included an approach to a nearby landowner for the improvement of storm drainage.