Home Safety

Council on Aging 

  • We are dedicated to helping seniors remain in their home safely. Danika Castle can come to your home to perform a walkthrough to assess for areas to modify to help decrease the risk of falls.

Bedford Fire Department

  • They can assist with smoke detector maintenance/replacement and Knoxbox (high security key lock box).

Bedford Police Department

  • Well-being checks, security checks of home, extra patrols when homeowner away; assistance with concerns about crime prevention, traffic, etc. If you have an immediate concern for yours or someone elses safety, please call 911.
  • Safe Watch- if you have concerns that a loved one may wander from the home or get lost while out, you can place them on Safewatch which allows the police to have more timely information regarding the indivduals situation and best way to approach them. This is ideal for those with Alzheimer's or other dsiabilities that impair their judgement.

File of Life

  • The File of Life is a refrigerator magnet that allows first responders to immediately begin the best possible treatment, notify loved ones, and pass vital data onto awaiting physicians at the emergency room. It holds all your important emergency information, such as medications, allergies, medical history and emergency contacts. This is also available to you for free through the COA. Please call to arrange pick up or delivery.

At-Home Drug Disposal Packets

  •  The 24-hour Drug Drop Box at the Bedford Police Station is still available but if you want a safe option to dispose of medications while remaining home, we offer these disposal packets. These packets are an environmentally friendly home waste disposal solution that permanently physically and chemically destroys prescription drugs. It neutralizes pills, liquids and patches, making them unavailable for illicit use or pollution. We have these available for free at the COA. Please call to arrange pick up or delivery.