Planning Board Agenda Materials (for Public Hearings & Major Applications)

Public Hearing Scheduled for October 25, 2022 & Continued on November 9 and December 13, 2022 and January 3 and 24, 2023

Proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment relating to Two Family Dwellings.

Public Hearing Scheduled for September 13, 2022 and December 13, 2022 and January 24, 2023

229, 251A and 251F Old Billerica Road: Special Permit for a Planned Residential Development to construct 15 new dwelling units and to retain and modify two existing dwellings, with the main access created via 229 Old Billerica Road, and to designate certain land as common open space.

Revised materials for December 13:

Public Hearing Scheduled for May 10, 2022

20-36 Crosby Drive: Major amendment to a previously issued Industrial Mixed Use (IMU) Special Permit. The proposal is to construct a life science/ laboratory building of approximately 160,000 square feet together with a parking garage and associated site improvements, within the established business park.

Public Hearing Scheduled for August 24, 2021 & Continued on September 14, 2021

240-244 South Road: Special permit for Assisted Living facility by LCB, with 92 Units