Detective Division

Detective BadgeThe Bedford Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all the crimes that reach beyond the scope of the patrol personnel. This includes the investigation of crimes like burglaries, thefts, assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, narcotics investigations, arson, unattended or unexplained deaths and homicide. The Detective Bureau is commanded by a Lieutenant and consists of a Sergeant and two full-time Detectives.

One of the detectives is assigned as the Department Prosecutor. There are also two Detectives assigned to regional narcotics task forces. The Detective Bureau conducts employment background investigations for new hires to the police department and emergency communications center. Each detective receives general investigation training along with specialized specific training in different areas such as crime scene processing, photography and interviewing techniques. The Detective Bureau handles all law enforcement aspects of the prosecution of criminal cases up to the arraignment phase in the district court system. The detectives work closely with Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. The Detective Bureau is also responsible for the processing of all Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders that reside, work or go to school in the town. The Detective Bureau is also responsible for securing and maintaining all property and evidence that is submitted to the police department.