Great Road Traffic Optimization Study

Project Overview

The Great Road Traffic Optimization Study examines the functionality of the Great Road/Route 4 corridor and its 11 intersections between Shawsheen Road and Carlisle Road/Route 225/North Road/Route 4. The goal of the Study is to improve safety and traffic operations on Great Road by evaluating operational and safety deficiencies and providing recommendations for short term and long-term improvements. Reducing travel delays along Bedford’s main thoroughfare will improve residents’ quality of life, lower vehicle emissions, and reduce cut-through traffic through residential neighborhoods. Findings include: 

  • A relatively significant portion of the traffic on Great Road is likely attributable to local destinations. 
  • A well-timed, coordinated signal system along Great Road would permit continuous movement through the corridor, and reduce congestion by minimizing stops and delays. Upgraded signal equipment would be needed in most cases. 
  • The following intersections meet engineering standards (MUTCD Signal Warrants) for signalization:
      • Brooksbie Road/Great Road
      • Willson Park
      • North Road/Carlisle Road
  • Geometric improvements and lane reductions are recommended for some intersections to address specific deficiencies.