Eviction / Foreclosure Resources

Help with Rent

  • Mass.gov has put together a Tenant's Guide to Eviction to assist households in navigating the process and preserve housing.
  • RAFT administered through Metro Housing Boston is available to assist households who are behind on rent up to $10,000 in a 12 month period with a qualifying eviction.
  • Bedford Rental Relief Program  Applications are currently being accepted for the Bedford Rent Relief Program (BRRP). BRRP provides temporary monthly rental assistance in the form of a grant to eligible households. BRRP will pay between $300-750 per month in rental assistance, depending on unit size, for six months. Payments are made directly to the landlord. 

Legal Resources for Individuals with Low Resources

Metro-West Legal Services offers legal aid and representation to individuals with low-income.   MWLS is dedicated to helping those who cannot afford an attorney navigate the legal system.

Lawyer for the Day programs across various courts provide basic legal advice, help you understand relevant laws and your rights, and assist you in filling out court forms. They do not go with you into the courtroom, but can equip you to better represent yourself in court.