Bedford Arbor Resource Committee 

Proposed 2023 Tree Policy 


Bedford Arbor Resources Committee proposes a revised Tree Policy, which will achieve three important goals:  

  • Recognize the vital importance and irreplaceable nature of mature trees
  • Provide the Town with a framework to preserve them
  • Meaningful costs and penalties for removing a Town Tree or Public Shade Tree

Both the new and existing Bedford Tree Policies apply to Town-owned trees: 

  • Town Tree: trees on any Town-owned property:  parks, at schools, playgrounds, municipal buildings, etc.    
  • Public Shade Tree: these are Town-owned trees in the Public Right of Way.  Public Shade Trees are protected by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 87:

Why should we care so much about preserving Bedford’s Trees? 

 Start here, with the Value of Trees FAQ

What’s the difference between the existing Tree Policy, and the new one?  

 This should help – Old vs. New Tree Policy

Proposed Tree Policy – Ready for Public Review as of 05/18/2023

 After more than a year of research and work, this policy represents BARC’s best recommendation for a new Tree Policy that best serves Bedford. We look forward to hearing from members of the public, and to collaborating with all Town Committees and Boards to create a strong Tree Policy: 

Proposed Tree Policy Document

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