Where are the next sidewalks planned for construction?

As of the latest review, the sidewalk projects flagged as priorities are:


  1. Concord Road, from Lavender Lane to Davis Road
  2. Davis Road, from Revolutionary Ridge to Hillcrest Road
  3. Davis Road, from Hillcrest Road to Gleason
  4. Hayden Lane, from Sweetwater Avenue to Dutton Lane
  5. Loomis Street, from Narrow Gauge Rail Trail to Great Road (adding a sidewalk on the side of the street that accesses the Narrow Gauge Trail and Page Field)
  6. North Road, from Pine Hill Road to Beverly Road
  7. North Road, from Beverly Road to Sweetwater Avenue
  8. Page Road, from Dunster Road/Kingsley Terrace to Francis Kelley
  9. Page Road, from Shawsheen Road to Hemlock Lane

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6. Where are the next sidewalks planned for construction?
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