Why do I even need a permit?

The permit process allows the Building Official to review the plans being submitted to ensure that the work meets the minimum standards set forth in the Massachusetts State Building Code and other applicable codes. These codes determine minimum safety standards for all aspects of building construction - fire-rating, structural, living environment, safe egress, plumbing, electrical and mechanical. After reviewing the plans, it is then the job of the inspector to inspect the work being performed to make sure that it was installed in accordance with applicable codes.

People who perform work without the proper permits may install something that does not meet the minimum standards such as a beam to support a floor or install something incorrectly which may cause a fire. Over time, doing work without permits could lead to an unsafe living environment for you, as well as guests that visit your home or perhaps your place of business.

These minimum safety codes ensure: the conservation of energy, the economic well-being of the community by reducing the potential spread of fire, your personal safety in your own home and reasonable assurances for future home buyers that the home that they'll be living in will be safe.

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3. Why do I even need a permit?
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