ad hoc Dog Park Task Force

The ad hoc Dog Park Task Force is an eleven (11) member advisory committee appointed by the Selectmen to explore the possibilities of developing a Bedford Dog Park. 

The charge is to explore, discuss, and evaluate various pre-determined locations suitable for an off-leash, fenced dog park, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each specific site. As specific sites are determined, the Task Force will perform necessary initial site evaluations to determine the feasibility and costs of developing the various sites for use as a dog park.  The Task Force will also address the amenities necessary for a fully functional dog park, develop a cost analysis for the construction of such a facility and determine the desired physical aspects of the Dog Park (size, parking, fencing, water, shelter, etc.).  Finally, determine the funding needs and funding sources for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the recommended Dog Park and, with the approval of the Selectmen, assist with the development of any applications required for public and private funding grants necessary to support the project, both in construction and long term sustainability.

It is planned that the Task Force will continue in existence until such time that any required funding for the establishment and construction of a Dog Park is approved, or shall cease to exist in the event the Selectmen determine not to establish a dog park in Bedford.

Board Members

Name Title
Caroline Fedele Selectmen Member, 2018
Edward Pierce Selectmen Member, 2018
Karen Fallon At-Large, 2018
Lisa Gedaminsky At-Large, 2018
Daniel Hurwitz At-Large, 2018
Stacy Katz At-Large, 2018
Dexter Lawson At-Large, 2018
Karen Sturzenacker At-Large, 2018
Laurie Walsh At-Large, 2018
Angela Winter At-Large, 2018
Lynn Orav At-Large, 2018