ad hoc Fawn Lake Committee

The Fawn Lake Preservation Study, funded by the Community Preservation Committee and carried out by CEI Consultants, Inc., has resulted in baseline inventories and analysis of current conditions at Fawn Lake, as well as two public presentations.  The Study will next identify and evaluate options for preserving Fawn Lake as an open water body, to include the following steps:

  • Completion of options analysis by CEI
  • Meeting between CEI and staff to explain options and identify obvious questions
  • Final version of options analysis to be presented at an advertised public meeting sponsored by the Conservation Commission
  • Selection and recommendation by a formal committee of an option or combination of options to present to the Commission and Select Board for approval
  • Application to Community Preservation Committee for funding to cover permitting for selected option(s)

A committee to review, analyze and recommend options and actions to the Conservation Commission and Bedford Select Board includes representation from various relevant committees, groups, residents and staff.

This appointed is responsible for holding posted meetings, keeping minutes of these meetings, voting on recommendations and actions, and being the applicant for any required permitting as appropriate. Staff personnel would not be voting members.  Recommendations on selection of actions and funding would be subject to approval by the Bedford Conservation Commission and Bedford Select Board. The committee could be temporary, or formed to include consideration of future projects at Fawn Lake.

Staff Contacts

Adrienne St. John
Elizabeth Bagdonas

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Barbehenn At-Large, 2019
Robert "Schorr" Berman At-Large, 2019
Elizabeth Cowles At-Large, 2019
Linda Oustinow At-Large, 2019
William Simons At-Large, 2019
John Zupkus At-Large, 2019
Margot R. Fleischman Select Board Member, 2019
Allan Wirth Conservation Commission Member, 2019