Property Valuation, Exemptions, and Abatements


The Board of Assessors and the Assessing Department are charged with valuing all real and personal property in the Town of Bedford fairly and equitably in accordance with applicable Massachusetts General Laws, and with providing quality service to the public and operating departments while also ensuring excellent financial management and maximum operational efficiencies.


By utilizing accepted mass appraisal techniques, the Board of Assessors ensures that all real and personal property within the Town is assessed at its full and fair cash value. This results in each property owner assuming a fair share of the property tax, the largest single source of revenue for the Town. The Assessing Department performs all of the administrative functions necessary for the annual approval of the tax rates by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. In addition, the Assessing Department also administers the property tax exemption program, motor vehicle excise tax abatement process, and all appeals of real and personal property tax. The Assessing Department is responsible for the maintenance of data regarding the ownership, legal status, and descriptive land and building information for all property within the Town and serves as the clearinghouse for such information for the general public and other Town departments. The Board of Assessors is made up of three members elected to staggered three-year terms, and is supported by the staff of the Assessing Department.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Matthew Lanefski Director
Sue Macaluso Assistant Assessor
Kimberly Silva Administrative Assistant
Sheri Macpherson Administrative Assistant

Board of Assessors Members (Elected)

Name Title
Margot Fleischman Select Board Liaison
Rebecca Neale 2023
Nancy Ruth-Adams Wolk 2025
Dennis Ross 2023