Bedford Board of Health

VISION: Helping neighbors lead healthy lives in Bedford.

MISSION: The BOH strives to help neighbors lead healthy lives in Bedford. The BOH is dedicated to serve all residents of Bedford, particularly the underserved and to promote healthy people, healthy families and healthy environment through compassionate care, education and disease prevention. The BOH will identify emerging public health needs, create needed regulations, set policy, hold hearings and consider variances.

VALUES: Maintaining a balance between short-term benefit(s) to human life vs. long-term risk. Decision making priority is given to town/community needs vs. individual needs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Heidi Porter Director of Health and Human Services
Katharine Dagle Assistant Health Director
Mark Waksmonski Community Nurse
Danielle Williams Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Beatrice Brunkhorst 2022, Member
Anita Raj 2021, Vice Chair
Sarah Thompson 2021, Chair
Ann Kiessling 2023, Member
Amy F. Lloyd Planning Board Liaison
Margot R. Fleischman Select Board Liaison
Susan Schwartz 2023, Member