Bicycle Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Bicycle Advisory Committee is to promote bicycling, as broadly defined, as an integral part of Bedford’s community, culture, and infrastructure. The Bicycle Advisory Committee advocates for policies that encourage and support active transit, Safe Routes to Schools, and bicycle recreation and tourism. This includes addressing the problems of traffic congestion and environmental impact such as pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The Bicycle Advisory Committee supports community wellness, equity, and inclusion, with an emphasis on safety, education, and access for cyclists of all ages.


The Bicycle Advisory Committee advises the Select Board regarding bicycling in the Town and regionally. Responsibilities include working to make bicycle use in Town safer, and consulting on and supporting prioritization of the bicycle aspects of all transportation and recreation infrastructure and policy initiatives. The Bicycle Advisory Committee advocates for adherence to the vision, core commitments, goals, and recommendations of the Town’s Complete Streets policies and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, as well as monitoring conditions, maintenance, and usage of current trails, and planning additional infrastructure, signage, and facilities for cyclists.

Board Members

Name Title
Peter Weichman 2020
Craig Jackson 2023
Vacancy 2025 2025
Edward Pierce Select Board Liaison
Mark Bailey 2025, Chair
Samantha Baron 2025
Garth McCavana 2024
Todd Crowley Planning Board Liaison
Richard Baughman 2024