Capital Expenditure Committee


The Capital Expenditure Committee shall consider capital appropriations and make recommendations to Town Meeting based on a six-year plan.

Definition of Capital Expenditures

Capital expenditures are for items and projects that are expected to last more than one year, and have significant monetary value. The Capital Expenditure Committee shall annually establish the level for the minimum appropriation and the life expectancy that are considered capital expenditures after consultation with knowledgeable officials of the Town.


The Capital Expenditure Committee shall prepare and annually update a six-year plan for spending on town capital projects. It shall be submitted in written form to the Select Board and the FinanceCommittee not less than ten working days before the end of the calendar year. The plan shallinclude expenditures for new construction, major improvements to existing town property and formajor purchases of equipment by all town departments, offices, boards, commissions and committees. The plan shall be prepared on the basis of town-wide priorities and shall consist inpart of a list of expenditures, by item, for each year of the plan.

Board Members

Name Title
Antonio Battaglia Chair, 2021
John Carbone Clerk, 2021
Barbara Perry 2019
Mary Ellen Carter 2020
Eric Dahlberg 2020
Stephen Steele Finance Committee Member
Joann Santiago School Committee Member
William S. Moonan Select Board Member