Community Media Committee


The purpose of the committee is to advise the Select Board on matters pertaining to the development and delivery of Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access programming including licensing and operation of cable television in the Town. 


The committee responsibilities are to:

·         Provide recommendations to the Select Board regarding delivery of PEG programming to all Bedford residents and/or persons affiliated with Bedford institutions, organizations, businesses or agencies via    cable, social media and other current and emerging technologies and media;

·         Monitor the Cable Operators’ license and the PEG Access Service Provider’s contract for compliance;

·         Inform relevant parties of instances of license or contract noncompliance;

·         Receive information regarding the Town’s cable television funds and make recommendations to the Select Board concerning expenditures from those funds and development of new sources of funds as appropriate;

·         Investigate and work to resolve any consumer problems relating to the operation of cable television.


Board Members

Name Title
James Shea Chair, 2020
Ralph Hammond 2021
Stephen Kerwin 2020
Ying MacDonald 2021
Vacancy 2020 2021
Emily Mitchell Selectmen Liaison