Community Preservation Committee


The Community Preservation Committee shall consist of nine members appointed by the Selectmen for staggered three year terms.  One member each from the Conservation Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Selectmen (acting as Park Commissioners), Housing Partnership, Recreation Commission and Housing Authority shall be required.


The Community Preservation Committee shall perform duties required of the committee as outlined in Section 5 of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B, including study of community preservation needs, communicating with other municipal boards and committees, holding public informational hearings, and making funding recommendations to Town Meeting.

Bedford became the first community to pass the Community Preservation Act (CPA).  This program creates a surcharge on property taxes and allows us to get matching funds for open spaces, affordable housing and historic preservation. The money must be divided among projects having to do with open space, affordable housing and historic preservation.  At least 10% of the money must be spent on each of those types of projects, and the balance is spent per the determination of the Community Preservation Committee.

Bedford chose to pass the 3% surcharge. Which means that for the assessed value of your house above $100,000 you pay an additional 3% of your tax bill (not your tax rate).  This money is then pooled together and matched by the state.

We have received a 100% match from the state from FY02 - FY07. The current match is not yet known.

There are exceptions from the CPA for people with limited incomes. For more information please contact the Assessor's office.

Board Members

Name Title
Steven Hagan 2022, Concom
Shawn Hanegan 2021, Planning Board
Margot R. Fleischman 2022, Selectmen Member
Christina Wilgren 2020, BHP & Chair
Robin Steele 2020, Recreation
George Little 2020, At-Large
Lauren Crews 2021, Housing Authority Member & Vice Chair
Lee Vorderer 2021, At-Large
Jane Franklin