Bedford Conservation Land Stewards

Interest in conservation in Bedford is strong. After a proposal for the gathering of a group of volunteer conservation land "stewards" was announced in the Bedford Minuteman in the spring of 1995, over thirty interested Bedford citizens responded. Many of these are still involved, together with others who have come on board. The group now consists of over 40 members who are vitally interested in the Town's conservation lands and the promotion of their responsible use.

Most stewards "adopt" a town-owned conservation area and act as a monitor, caretaker, and advocate for that area. Caretaking usually takes the form of picking up litter, clipping brush along the trails, and developing management recommendations for review by the Conservation Commission. Some Stewards have gone beyond these activities to engage in trail improvements, beaver control, flora and fauna surveys, sign and bog bridge installation and maintenance, and nature photography. The Stewards meet twice a year and welcome others; there are still conservation areas and conservation restriction lands in need of adoption. All citizens who wish to take an active part in caring for local conservation land are invited to join the Stewards. For more information about the Stewards or to find out how you can help, please contact the Conservation Office at Town Hall or view the Stewards' site here