Council on Aging

Our current hours of operations are:
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm

Effective Tuesday, June 1, 2021: The COA is OPEN! The COA team is excited to re-open our doors, as we have missed you all!

Since your last visit with us, we have made some changes to our space to assure that we are providing our residents with a safe and healthy experience as we navigate our re-opening process. We are a long way from getting back to the full menu of offerings we had before COVID, however, we are doing what needs to be done and moving in a positive direction.

  • Effective Friday, August 27, 2021: Face coverings are required for all adults and children 2+, in all indoor public spaces within the Town of Bedford, except where an individual is unable due to a medical condition or disability. 
  • As a public building, we cannot require that people must be vaccinated to visit.
  • While some of our current exercise programs will remain on Zoom, other programs have returned to in-person or hybrid (in-person & via zoom).
  • With support from the Health and Human Service Department, we were able to offer a temporary welcoming area for scheduled and planned in-person COA programs and activities. We are excited to have a space outside for our residents and friends to see each other again after being apart for all this time!

Tent behind Town Center

As always, please continue to connect with us and reach out if you need help, assistance or just a chat.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alison Cservenschi Director 781-275-6825
Alissa Anderson Administrative Assistant 781-275-6825
Leslie Johnson Saturday Activities Coordinator 781-275-6825
Hayley Williams Daytime Dept. Assistant 781-275-6825
Donna Sokolski Evening Dept. Assistant 781-275-6825
Marie Aaronian Saturday Department Assistant 781-275-6825
Danika Castle Social Worker 781-275-6825
MaryAnn McGrath Daytime Dept. Assistant 781-275-6825

Board Members

Name Title
Allan E. Morgan 2024
Lewis M. Putney 2022
Richard Rosen Vice Chair, 2022
William S. Moonan Select Board Liaison
Gene Kalb 2023
Sandra Hackman Chair, 2024
Vacancy 2020
Thomas Kinzer 2023
Vacancy 2023
Cindy Tulimieri 2023
Roberta M. Ennis 2022
Marilou Barsam 2024