Fawn Lake Project



The long-awaited Fawn Lake dredging project is scheduled to start in mid-July.  The Town has contracted with Dredgit Corp. to dredge the pond and to reconstruct the outlet dam at Springs Road.  

The work includes hydraulic wet dredging of the bottom sediments to restore the lake to approximately 8-feet deep.  The material is pumped from the dredge barge to a dewatering system.  Once the material is dried, it will be transported to a residuals holding area and then hauled off-site to a nearby compost facility for eventual reuse as loam.

The neighborhood impacts will be noise and trucks.  We anticipate 8-10 truck trips (out and back) per day on Sweetwater Avenue.  Work hours will be 7AM to 7 PM, seven days a week.

Due to social distancing requirements, please do not approach the Dredgit personnel with questions.  We urge you to check the project information, previous reports, construction plans and proposed work schedule.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Bedford Department of Public Works at (781) 918-4256.  Thank you for your cooperation throughout this project.

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Fawn Lake Plans

Fawn Lake Dredging & Dam Improvements Project ;
Fawn Lake Implementation Plan 7/15/2020 ;

Fawn Lake Reports

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