Stormwater Management Program


Stormwater mission statement:

The Town of Bedford undertakes a variety of Best Management Practices (or BMPs) through its Stormwater Management Program to help reduce the discharge of pollutant to our local waterways and wetlands. Many of these BMPs are completed or coordinated by the Department of Public Works (DPW). The DPW has prepared a written Stormwater Management Plan to formalize Bedford’s program to address stormwater concerns in the Town and document compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements.


Stormwater Management Plans
Stormwater Management Plan 2019

Stormwater System and Receiving Waters Map
Drainage Outfall Map for MS4  2019

Notice of Intent (NOI)
Town of Bedford_MS4 NOI_2018-09-21

NPDES Annual Reports
NPDES PII Small MS4 Annual Report_year 1_Bedford_2019-09-30_LOCKED

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program (IDDE); includes Bedford’s Stormwater Management Bylaw
IDDE Program Final

Municipal Buildings O & M Plans

Stormwater By-Laws

Important Information / Public Education

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPES) permit program.
Phosphorus public education_Bedford Businesses 2019
Trifold Pet Waste flyer 2019
Septicsmart infographic
Notice of Stormwater Work May 2020



If you have any comments or questions, or need to report on a stormwater issue, please email the
Town of Bedford’s Stormwater Management Team.
[email protected]