March 17, 2020 - New Restaurant Website for Take Out Restaurants

Following Governor Baker’s announcement of restrictions to on-premise dining, the Town worked quickly with our local restaurants, and purveyors, to find ways to ensure their businesses could stay open during this tumultuous time.

Today, we’re proud to launch

Bedford is lucky to have so many wonderful dining options available to our residents, and we wanted to make sure folks knew who which establishments are staying open, and the options available for delivery and pick-up.

If you’re tired of cooking, financially able, home-bound, working too many hours to stop by to the grocery store, or you just really have a hankering for sushi or a pint of ice cream from Bedford Farms, check out the website.

We will be updating the website as we receive changes in status from local businesses. There are a great variety of options from picking-up at the curb, to delivery to your home. If you’re financially able, this is a great way to send a meal to your neighbors in need.

Later today, the Town will be announcing plans for our large-scale Food Bank. More to come!

Whether it’s the forthcoming Town-sponsored food bank or prepared meals by local restaurants, this is another opportunity to expand food options during this time.

If you are able, help local businesses get through this…one meal at a time.