Energy and Sustainability Committee


The Energy and Sustainability Committee will proactively identify and advise the Selectmen on policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively manage municipal and school energy expenditures and reduce community greenhouse gas emissions.

The Committee shall:

Compile and update data regarding energy usage relative to the town’s 2009 energy baseline, developed as part of Bedford’s Green Community application. 

Develop and recommend updates to the energy policies relating to town and school buildings and other town assets. 

Make recommendations regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy procurement (town and community), greenhouse gas reduction, energy education programs, alternative energy opportunities, and other sustainability initiatives. 

Coordinate with town staff, consultants and other community members in the creation and implementation of a Net Zero plan, as may be established.

Analyze and communicate how energy use and costs impact the town.

Educate and raise awareness among Bedford residents regarding energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.


Energy and Sustainability Members

Name Title
Suzy Enos 2022
Christine Rabinowitz 2023
Margot R. Fleischman Select Board Member
Daniel Bostwick 2022
Emily Prince Chair - 2024
Robert M. Dorer 2021
Vacancy 2023 At-Large
Christopher Gittins Planning Board Liaison