Energy and Sustainability Committee

Please click the image to visit the Bedford Net Zero website and to sign up for a no-cost home energey assessment.


The Energy and Sustainability Committee is a committee authorized by the Town's Selectmen.  Terms are three-year, staggered.  Committee composition: six appointed residents, one appointed Selectman, plus the Facilities Manager.  The Committee complies with Open Meeting regulations.

Mission Statement

The Energy and Sustainability Committee will proactively identify and advise the Selectmen on policies and procedures to efficiently and effectively manage municipal and school energy expenditures and reduce community greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Awarded $ 150, 000 grant for Lane School energy conservation updates.
  • Audits and analysis of municipal/school building energy use to improve energy efficiency.
  • Negotiating with Eversource for energy efficient lighting retrofits.
  • Purchase of infrared camera to assess building and system effieciencies.
  • Kill-a-Watt meters available for circulation at the town library. (thanks to Friends of the Library funding.)
  • Research into "best practices" in other communities.
  • In 2011 Massachusetts designated Bedford a "Green Community", which made it eligible for up to $148,000 in grants for local renewable power and energy efficiency projects.
    • 2012 $148,000
    • 2013 $200,000

Work in Progress

  • Developing Net Zero plan to reduce green house gas emissions across the entire community.
  • Revising Town Energy Policy in collaboration with town administration, committees, and approval by Selectmen and school committee.
  • Supporting facilities department towards the goal of 20% energy reduction (now at 17%) from 2011 to 2015.
  • 2016: Propose Town Meeting article for Community Choice Aggregation."Metropolitan Planning Area Council (MAPC)"

Energy and Sustainability Members

Name Title
Daniel Bostwick 2018
Michael Donnell 2018
Alex Deng
Suzy Enos 2018
Margot R. Fleischman Selectmen, 2018
Christine Rabinowitz 2018
Vacancy School Liaison 2018
Vacancy 2018