Official Statements

This document is prepared by the Town and is distributed in connection with the sale of its general obligation bonds.  The Official Statements contain information about the amounts, purposes and repayment terms of the bonds as well as information concerning the Town's demographics, tax base, finance debt and other long term obligations. This information is used by the investment community, at the time of issuance, to gauge the credit worthiness of the Town debt offerings.  Since 2007, the Town's bonds have been rated "AAA", the highest credit rating attainable.

Official Statement - Nov. 2019

Official Statement - Oct. 2018

Official Statement - May 2018 

Official Statement - Feb. 2017  

  Official Statement - Feb. 2016  

  Official Statement - Oct. 2015  

Official Statement - Sept 2014

Official Statement - Jan. 2013

Official Statement - Jan. 2012 

 Official Statement - June 2011 

Official Statement - Mar. 2010 

Official Statement - July 2009  

Official Statement - Mar. 2007