Healthy Bedford

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Regular physical activity is linked to enhanced health and to reduced risk for the development of many chronic diseases in adults. However, many U.S. adults are either sedentary or less physically active than recommended. Children and adolescents are more physically active than adults, but participation in physical activity declines in adolescence. School and community programs have the potential to help children and adults establish lifelong, healthy physical activity and nutrition patterns.  Our goal is to provide resources and information to help the Bedford community become healthier.

What makes a community healthy? We asked Bedford…:

Healthy Bedford: invited those who live and work in Bedford to answer the questions: “What is the one factor in Bedford that most impacts your quality of life in a positive way?”  And “What is the one biggest challenge you face in Bedford that interferes with your quality of life?”   Bedford residents resoundingly answered “Community” as the most often cited positive factor, closely followed by Trails and Nature.  As for the obstacle most often cited, well, that would be “Traffic” followed by “Lack of Sidewalks” and “Lack of Public Transportation”.  A number of residents also cited “Affordability”.

Who’s to say what makes us and our community healthy? Concepts of what we need to make and keep us healthy vary amongst individuals and from community to community. However, research tells us there are some largely universal determinants of health such those identified by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Where we live and our physical environment
  • The services we have access to
  • Individual characteristics and behaviors
  • Social and economic environment

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