About Healthy Bedford

The Healthy Bedford webpage is a repository of information and ideas for improving health and wellness, promoting physical activity, and healthy eating. Our goal is to make this a resource Bedford community members and members of surrounding cities and towns will access to learn about healthful activities available in their own backyards. In addition, the program also provides periodic tips on health improvement measures using interactive social media outlets.

 We define health not only as the absence of disease, but a full range of quality of life influences:  Physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, cultural, social, and environmental.

What is a Healthy Community?

A Healthy Community is where people come together to make their community better for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors, and others.  A Healthy Community creates ongoing dialogue, generates leadership opportunities for all, embraces diversity, connects people and resources, fosters a sense of community and shapes its future.

Healthy Communities Principles include:

  • A broad definition of health
  • A broad definition of community
  • A shared vision of community values
  • Addressing quality of life for everyone
  • Diverse resident participation and widespread community ownership
  • Focusing on systems change
  • Building capacity using local assets and resources
  • Benchmarking and measuring progress and outcomes
  • Recruiting and engaging youth as full partners
Healthy Bedford Task Force:
Heidi Porter, Board of Health Director
Carla Olson, Healthy Communities Coordinator
Rob Ackerman, Lane School Principal
Mark Bailey, Bicycle Advisory Committee Member
Jacinda Barbehenn, Planning Board Member
Bobby Bongiorno, Police Chief
Jessica Colby, Davis School Vice Principal
Judith Crocker, DOT/SRTS Outreach Coordinator
Margot Fleischman, Selectman
Ralph Hammond, Trails Committee
David Manugian, DPW Director
Adrienne St. John, Town Engineer
Sarah Thompson, Board of Health Member
Kevin Tracey, JGMS Principal

Our Facebook page is: "Healthy Bedford"

*This webpage was funded through a 2012 Mini-Grant thru the Northwest Suburban Health Alliance/CHNA 15 DoN funds from Lahey Clinic.