Historic District Commission

HDC Statement for 2022 Annual Town Meeting Regarding the Site at 139 The Great Road


The Historic District Commission (HDC) is a Town Board that comprises five (5) full members and two (2) alternate members, appointed by the Select Board of Bedford for three (3) year terms.  The Historic District and the Commission were organized in 1964 by vote of Town Meeting, and provided for in Massachusetts State Law by the Acts of 1964, as amended.


These Acts require that an application for review at a public hearing be made to the HDC before any external changes are made to properties within the Historic District, including paint color (except white), building additions, demolitions, roofing, landscaping (including removal of trees), paving, skylights, satellite dishes, all signs visible from a public way, and any other modifications.  Applications should be filed with the Code Enforcement Department.  Sign applications must be pre-approved for conformance with Town By-Laws by the Code Enforcement Officer.

A letter from a Certified Arborist may be required in order to obtain approval for tree removal.  If you are considering tree removal in the future for any reason, please contact an HDC member as soon as possible.

It is the intention of the Commission members to be as helpful as we can when there are issues and/or questions relating to the Historic District, and to assist you as necessary in observing Town and State-mandated guidelines for the protection and preservation of your property. If you contemplate making any change, are unsure how to proceed, or are not certain whether a public hearing is even needed (as in ordinary maintenance), please contact a Commission member. We are always available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Attached is our brochure about the Bedford Historic District. You will also find the Bedford Historic Guidlines helpful in assisting you when filling out the application form which provides further information about requirements and procedures. Please feel free to call us to help you with any questions or concerns.


Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Alan Long Full Member, 2022 - Architect/Builder
Salvatore Canciello Full Member, Architect, 2022
William S. Moonan Chair, 2023, Full Member - Historical Society
Karen Kalil-Brown Full Member 2024, Resident Historic District
Karl Winkler Full Member, 2024
Ali Hon-Anderson Alternate, 2023
Jennifer McClain Alternate, 2025