Historic Preservation Commission


The purposes of the Historic Preservation Commission are the preservation, protection, development, and management of Bedford's historical, archaeological, and cultural assets. The commission may initiate contracts, accept gifts and contributions of historical and cultural significance subject to Town Meeting approval, and hold public hearings relevant to the furtherance of its mission.


The HPC also has jurisdiction over the Demolition Delay By-Law. If a building or structure was built on or before January 1, 1943 or if the building's age is unknown, a short application must be filled out and will be forwarded to the HPC to determine whether the building is historically significant.

Board Members

Name Title
Stephanie Keep 2023
Donald Corey 2025
John Linz Chair, 2023
Edward Pierce Select Board Liaison
Vacancy 2020
Jessie McAleer 2024
David Goldbaum 2024