BuyBedford, LoveBedford

Support Local Businesses!

The Town of Bedford is launching a new phase of our Shop Local Campaign with a spotlight on Valentine's Day and the month of February. Please support our local businesses-- “BuyBedford, LoveBedford”. We have also highlighted storefront businesses by category, and included options for takeout, delivery, and February special offerings on

We will also be highlighting Bedford small businesses and their unique offerings on the Town's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Many businesses have pivoted and are now offering online purchasing as well as curbside pickup and delivery. We encourage you to support the Town you love by:

  • Shopping at local stores and restaurants that you love
  • Buying gifts or gift certificates for people you care about (friends, family members, and neighbors) at local stores and restaurants
  • Tagging #BuyBedford and #LoveBedford on social media to encourage others to shop locally
  • Writing online reviews of your favorite stores and restaurants

Together, we can help our businesses make through to the other side of the pandemic and stronger than ever.